Observation button during war

I’d like to have an observation button during war. It would be great to watch a fellow team member battle it out and then we can talk about the battle afterwards. Some of these battles are lasting a long time and you know it’s either an incredible win or a heartbreaking loss. Either way it would have been great to watch!

I totally agree, watching your teammates can help you to learn the board even more! Great idea!


Love this idea. It would be a great addition.


Nice, I’ve actually had that thought for the titan as well.

Next to the titan have a button which when pressed it pops up a panel which displays a live action view only of the titan which you could see your teams live fighting the titan.

Same principle could be used for AW as you stated.


Our alliance uses line and a recorder app to watch each other’s battles…


Yea, we do that too but it would be so much better to watch as it’s happening! During the battle and in the game!

I do the same, but this would remove the need to thst and it would be live. Imagine this then instead of going back to watch a rerun but instead having a live popup clip of the actual match

Hey guys I’m attacking the titan in 4hrs, come watch me and they are all chatting about it as a group in their alliance.

Lets make this even more interesting and lively and have the chat box displayed at the same time on the same screen.

Imagine the fun aspect of that with players giving each other advice or tips, cheering the player on etc. It eould bringba whole new light to the game.

Love it! (20 characters)

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It would add a ton of fun to the game! We discuss it every war!

I agree this would be a very good tool to have!

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