Obligatory 'who should I ascend?' question

Hi all,

I’ve been lurking here for close to 3 months since I started playing and I’m grateful to all of you for the contribution you make to the community. I’ve finally joined in the hope that, in the future, I might be able to help others as I’ve been helped. For now, I’d like to take advantage of your knowledge with a (sorry!) mundane question:

Who should I ascend out of the following? I participate in all aspects of the game, but what I really want to do is leave the rest of my alliance mates in the dust when it comes to titans (I like them, really!). I’m regularly getting A or the occasional A+ grade on 6* titans but when it comes to 7s, I might scrape an A if I’m lucky.

My regular titan heroes (allowing for swaps of certain elements) are:

Boldtusk 3/60
Wu Kong 3/60
Grimm 3/60
Kiril 3/60
Caedmon 4/50
Colen 3/60
Cyprian 4/55
Agwe 3/20
Isshtak, Tyrum, Bane, Nashgar (maxed)

I know the likes of Cyprian, Caedmon, Colen and Agwe aren’t exactly titan royalty, but I bring them in when I need to stack colours.

I have the ascension materials to ascend either Wu, Grimm or Kiril to tier 4. I know the answer might seem obvious to some of you, but all three have their benefits. Wu is already giving me fantastic results, and can mostly survive a 6*, but needs items on a 7*. Grimm doesn’t usually survive either without items but is as invaluable as Wu IMO, while Kiril has saved my backside more times than I can count.

Sorry for the long-winded question but I wanted to give as much info as possible. I’m really torn between the three. I really value the community’s opinion and would appreciate any advice. I can provide info on the rest of my bench if needed, but those listed above are my most used against titans.

Thank you in advance!

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If your main focus is titans (and even if it wasn’t) wu Kong is always the answer. Him, Grimm, then Kiril

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Here’s a topic Want to make significant Titan damage you might find interesteing.

Let’s see if you can meet these requirements:

  • Wu Kong | Yes
  • Defence Debuffer | Grimm
  • Attack Buffer | Boldtusk + Kiril

Focus on Wu, Grimm, Boldtusk and Kiril for now. Colen has high tile damage and very useful for green titans. I use him myself still. Caedmon could come in useful for special titans, since his special includes a debuffer.

Tiburtus and Gormek are the other two heroes with the defence debuffing special skill; Ramming Pulverizer.

What is it that you want to know exactly? Who to bring into the fight for specific colored titans?

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Thanks for your responses. Much appreciated!

You can’t go wrong with any of these three. You won’t regret levelling any of them.

Which one first? It depends on your other needs.

I had the same Kiril / Grimm dilemma and ultimately went for Kiril because he suited my long-term defence team plans. But it was pretty much a coin toss.

You can’t go wrong with Wu for Titans.

I’ll just point out that the Kiril / Wu combination is especially powerful on titans. I take these two in unless it’s a green titan and then I call for Wilbuuuuuuuuuurr! The Wilbur / Wu combination is also amazing.

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And welcome to the Forum!

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Well i would up wukong first, he is very powerfull against titan and you wont regret it neither for your raids in attack team.

Then idk for grimm or kiril it’s such a hard choice since they are both blue and both great heroes

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Thanks for the welcome and advice! After sleeping on it, I’ve decided to go with my head over my heart and ascend the drunken dwarf. I do want to smash titans but I don’t put Wu on my defence team, and Kiril has multiple uses. Wu is next on the list!

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Thanks for your response!

Kiril is worth every mat u give him. Good choice!

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To echo what everyone said: You can’t go wrong with any of them, and I’d focus on getting all three to their max as soon as possible.

Max Caed, since you’re already at 4 and he’s solid.

Next would be BT.

After that it’s kind of a step down, but I’d be finishing Cyprian this whole time. Colen has his place in wars.

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As others have said, Wu first, buffers (Kiril, Boldtuks) and debuffers (Gormek, Tiburtus, Grimm) second.

And third come the high tile damage hitters. For green 4 star that would actually be Little John and not Caedmon, despite Caedmon’s fast single target special. Which reminds me it’s about time I poured some feeders into the little guy. Melendor and Skittleskull are also good for tile damage, but Skit’s special just ain’t it against titans so forget her. Melendor is good though.

Good advice given the circumstances, but you’ll benefit most from it in raids and AWs, where Caedmon truly shines.

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I didn’t see that he had LJ?

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Thanks for your reply!

If I had enough hidden blades, I wouldn’t even have made this post. BT would have been first, but my game is a bit stingy when it comes to blades.

I can understand why some don’t like Cyprian, but the number of times he’s saved my bacon in raids/wars is ridiculous. I know he and Colen aren’t going to be in my A squad later on, but for now they’re serving me well. And Caedmon is badass and I’ll be maxing him as soon as possible. :slight_smile:

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Cyprian is great for where you’re at right now and he’ll pretty much always have a use in wars against big AOE hitters. The reason people don’t like him is that he’s not a longterm hero like BT, Kiril, Grimm, etc.

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I’ve already decided on Kiril this time, but Wu is definitely next. The rest of your advice is spot-on and as soon as I get Little John I’ll work on him! I’m also bringing Melendor up through the ranks but he’s only at tier 2 so far.

Thanks for the reply and advice!_

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She doesn’t have LJ at the moment. :smiley:

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I couldn’t agree more. :slight_smile:

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He doesn’t have LJ I suppose, but LJ is bar none the best tile damage 4 star green. In particular against titans, tile damage is so king. I thought that was worth a mention.