Obaken vs Victor

Hi everyone! Just wanted to see different opinions for Obaken vs Victor on defense, attacks and titans. I currently have both

On Titans I see Obakan ahead. But otherwise I see Victor better. But I don‘t use either so let‘s see what others think

Victor have a downside on titans: he would replace Wilbur’s DEF buff.
On every other scenario Obakan doesn’t hold a candle to him.

I like victor better. Very fast hit and DOT with defense buff for team, higher attack stat that obakan as well.

Victor for sure. His stats are better, including his attack stat, and that defense buff can be handy for survivability in titan fights and defense. Obakan is good, but I would definitely do Victor before him. Plus, he’s very fast vs Obakan’s fast. Victor wins hands-down

Given the speeds of both, would Wilber be overwriting Vic?

Have Victor maxed and is hands down one of my favorites. I find he hits pretty darn hard on titan’s and his stacking buff is amazing. People under estimate the fact you can stack it and its very fast. Then there is his defense buff which is pretty legit also.

As far as Defense goes I am not to sure he in my defense lineup and few times I have had to fight him he been a royal PITA. Because once he sinks his teeth into someone, you gotta weight if healing is going to be the right move. Meaning you either need to dispel his debuff or know your going to be giving a good chunk of one of your hero’s health to him.

Attack goes he is amazing for the reasons listed about. One he buffs defense less damage taken. Then he has a stacking dot that can produce obscene amounts of damage. Then the icing on the cake is he can shut down healing for who ever your attacking.

Overall I say Victor is a A or A+ in my book.

This is great info guys, I figured as much Victor would be the best. Like Randa said, Obaken is good but his only saving grace is the counterattack

It still depend on who charges first as they have different colors but given their effect the one that would replace the DEF buff with a worse value would still be Victor.