Obaken vs Malosi which is better

Which is better to invest in first? Obaken or Malosi. Any suggestions or insight would be greatly appreciated!

Choose Malosi…you will not regret it…I’ve both and I would choose always Malosi…he’s very fast, Obakan is fast…Malosi silences buffs for a certain hero (in todays meta very helpful). The elemental link of Malosi is also nice. Both are in my opinion Heroes for Attack and not Defense…but there it depends on what you have already…

100% Malosi, he is a great counter to heroes who cast buffs, deal DoT, etc.

Obakan is one of the worst 5* heroes.


In my honest opinion, Malosi and you will not be disappointed.
Good luck

Malosi, no brainer at all.
Obakan were bellow average one year ago, now…

I hope you are not joking with your question. You comparing a plain vanilla hero with the latest HoTM, which come in the realms that already occupied with S3 heroes?

But to be fair I’ll help you to consider your choice.

  • Both of them are Barbarian, so nothing to compare

  • Oba is Purple, Malosi is Yellow. Compare to other purple heroes, Oba is not a “team player”. he is good for himself. high tile damage,and counter attack for himself. No synergy at all. There are also too many good purple heroes out there who can become a game changer. On the other hand, not many good yellow hero out there with a good attacking ability. Yellow usually rely on mana reduction and blinding the enemy. Malosi is a high hitter with very fast mana, better than Joon, the current top high hitter for yellow

  • Oba is fast, Malosi is very fast… knowing you can fire sooner than later can be a critical factor in a win-loss situation.

so, maybe its clear why all of the vote comes for Malosi instead of Oba

Malosi is a lot better than Obakan. He’s more versatile, has better stats, and can do more for you.

Oba can be good with other heroes like Guardian Panther (elemental def down) and Sartana (or any other purple sniper) in a raiding attack formation. Personally I think he is not that bad as anyone thinks. On the other hand Malosi is generally better. Pair him with Guardian Jackal - Poseidon/Joon - Mist and you will have some nuclear assault on your opponent. :sunglasses:

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