Obakan Vs Quintus

Which one will you choose to Level up Between Obakan and Quintus and why ?

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If it has to be between the two, obakan because he is fast and counter hit is ok.

Quintus is ok at best and only with his costume. Without it, he is just a hero with considerably weak special for his speed


Obakan …quintus é pouco melhor que heroi 3*

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If you run 3/2s, try Cyprian/Obakan as a /2 purple offensively against teams with multi target hitters.

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I have both maxed. I use Quintus in raids more frequently than Obakan. Quintus is slow, yes, but he hits all with the same force as Obakan hits one target. Obakan needs to fire 3 times to deal the same damage as Quintus, which is hardly ever happen.


Against current Meta slow heroes hardly ever happen to fire :grin:

I‘d go Obakan if you really have to and have a big stash of tabbards (12+) otherwise I‘d wait a bit if t20 is running.

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Look to the future…

Obakan will always have that high attack stat, so he’s likely to stay on your titan team at least.

Quintus will get better if you get his costume… But as dark AoE goes, if you’re not F2P there are hero’s that do his job better - either with more damage fullstop, more damage against holy or reflection (namely Killhare, Mok, Ursena - all at average mana)

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Take the fast one or none.

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wait for next month…

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Neither one is worth the ham. Wait for dark HOTM - real talk buddy

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Will take your advice … thanks alot buddy.

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