Obakan vs Alasie question


@Petri or someone can you explain how obakan takes 1,000+ damage from alasie special,doesn’t die,and alasie takes only 294 damage? I see that update but am confused why alasie didn’t take 115% counter attack damage?

What does this elemental link mean at the bottom? Perhaps that shielded alasie and she only took 1/4 of the damage it should’ve been? Squashed that theory that elemental barrier knocked my counter attack down to 1/4 damage. Check out lianna only gets 1/4 done to her too now from 115% counter attack lol…! The math 115% counter attack from 1100+
damage= 350 yes that sounds about right! :wink::yum::joy:

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All sorted? :wink:

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I’m a bit confused. What elemental barrier, you mean Alasie’s Element Link? That only gives a 5% boost to her (and other blue heroes if present) attack and defense.

And Riposte isn’t even affected by the defense of the hero receiving the counter damage (not normal defense anyway, not sure about “special” defense like Kadilen’s). So unless I’m completely missing something, Alasie should’ve taken 115% * 1016 = 1168 damage, and similar for Lianna.

Anyone… am I missing something here? Or do we still have a Riposte bug?

EDIT: Yes… yes I’m missing something here. This post is 2 weeks old, this has been fixed now… ignore it all.


Closing then. Thanks.