Obakan Speed

A friend and I are trying to settle an argument. We need your input.

Would a Very Fast Obakan be over-powered?

  • Yes
  • No

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…and could it be a nice costume idea? I know it would be a first to have a speed change with a costume, but hey, we’re brainstorming here.

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Technically all costume hero’s get a mana bonus and with a x mana troop can change there speed.
With aswell with mana bonus from other hero’s, or elemental link mana gain.
I don’t see sgg changing many hero’s mana speed in the future atmos was probably a one off.

They don’t mess with speeds on released heroes. With the exception of the bunnies who came out originally in the very beginning of the game, I can’t recall mana speed ever being changed on a live hero.

Chose yes, but I didn’t mean OP… More like, too good compared to Kageburado, which is more advanced hero, I guess.

Only atmos is the only one I think that Has changed mana speed.

Except for Atomos not that long ago

Troop 29 and mana node 19 together make him vfast.

Try it if you like.

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Is Obakan that trash for attacking too? I haven’t seen him in ages at diamond league but I remember him as an easy target that does basically nothing, but I always thought of him being a good support hitter with some buffs on. Still wouldn’t give him the Tabbards, tho :stuck_out_tongue:

I think he at least can contribute with tile damage to the fight… though not the best choice to spend tabards on, is the stigma of Obakan. An expensive hero to breed. imo

No, he’d still be bad too.

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Obakan and overpowered can’t stay in the same sentence.
Like hate and pizza.

No one hate pizza.


When there’s sartana with huge damage and domi with dispelling next to him… could not agree more.

Omg :sob::joy::sob::joy:

As someone told me on this forum a while ago, obakan hits like a wet noodle and that has stuck with me ever since I read that. I have 1 and only 1 obakan and I’ll probably feed him to ha10

so a second Seshat or a first Dom+CB would be better choice/

I did try it. And I didn’t like it.



If you have a 29 mana you already drop from 8 to 7 tiles, the mana node does nothing. You need 34% to drop from 8 to 6.

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I believe you have named the two exceptions to the “never change mana speed rule:” the Springvale heroes and Atamos.

Yunan was V. Slow but didn’t he get buffed. Also G. Kong or Owl.

If Obakan were one of the following

V. Fast
Riposte 3
155% riposte 1

I’d be pretty happy with him.

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Which is vfast without troop 11.