Obakan perfect riposte - amount changed in V26?

During raids today, in end of a battle I faced Obakan with perfect riposte activated. Only some 200 HP left on him and I shot at him with Alasies special. Consequently, Obakan died and the damage dealt was shown as some 600 while the damage dealt to Alasie was about some 700 (killing Alasie as well). Although, the damage calculation for Alasie seems correct (115% of damage dealt to Obakan), I wonder whether the damage dealt to Obakan (600) should be higher than his remaining HP of only some 200?
I managed to record another example with an Obakan in another raid. Despite he has about 550 HP left in that example, Alasie deals 694 damage and receives 798 damage from riposte (see video below).

I did not realized that before and always thought that the damage is capped at the remaining HP of the attacked hero. :thinking: If not so, I need to think more carefully which hero to shoot at heros with riposte activated.
I would appreciate if anyone can confirm whether it is supposed to work the way it is at the moment or if that has changed with V26.


Known bug which affects ALL riposte heroes.

Check here:

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Thanks @Guvnor for pointing that out. :+1: Sorry, I missed that topic. :flushed:


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