Obakan or Sumitomo

Hello there,
I need some opinions.
Obakan and Sumitomo it seems to me to have almost the same skill. Ok, one have mana fast and one have avarage. But, they are doing the same thing…

Sumitomo counterattacks for 135% instead of Obakan’s 115%, and Sumitomo also gains mana for every counterattack. Also, Sumitomo is a sniper while Obakan does splash damage. Plus, ones a 4* and ones a 5*, and they’re different colors and different mana speeds.

There are heroes out there who actually have identical skills like the pulverizer trio, Caed and Sonya, Boril and Cyprian, Sabina and Melendor. These two are just similar.

Wait, so what’s your question? Opinions on them? Obakan is a 5* so he’s ultimately going to be stronger than Sumi once fully ascended, but Sumi will probably be stronger than Obakan at 4/70 and 3/70 respectively.


Ultimately, it looks as if Sumitomo is meant more for titans while Obakan raids or more likely defends. Not that Sumi would be a bad defender.

So, the question is: does Sumitomo worth’s the time and food and ascensions material? Or should I choose Obakan?

Obakan is a “decent” legendary hero, definetely worth some tabards if you don’t plan to go for Panther, Hel, or any other purple HotM.

Sumitomo is overall a bad 4* hero, especially in the red crew.

If you have any other reds i would probably invest on them before Sumitomo.


Hmmm, I got 3 khiona, one of them is at 4/13 and red I have cole , Marjana and I got Elena but she is baby. I will leave both of them for the moment. Thanks for your ideas.

I took mine to 60 and use him on green titans sometimes and in war. He works pretty well.

I have Obakan as well but he has only made it to 60. I pulled Khiona who is on her way to 80. Then either Victor or Proteus will be next. Prob Proteus and then Victor. Then probably a second Rigard. So my Obakan is going to be sitting a while.

Ultimately, both Sumitomo and Obakan are good, they’re just far from the best.

It’s easier to tell if you should work on them after knowing what other heroes you have in your roster, to compare and decide who would help you more. So it all depends, whether these heroes are worth the mats or not.


Obakan, definitely Obakan if we are only talking these 2

Right, I’m bumping this as the most relevant thread I can find.

Note that a lot of the conversation is based on old versions of the cards, so please don’t respond to someone from two years ago asking why they haven’t discussed emblems, costumes or covid…


I’ve got Sumitomo recently maxxed and he’s been buffed to a 300% hit.

He still looks like a 4* Obakan’t, who I’m also slowly maxxing.

Is Sumi good for anything? Does the mana thing actually work? He didn’t get rave reviews in the recent Beta testing.

In particular, does he or Obakan make any impact against Telluria or any of the new costumes??

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Good ol’ times XD
20 Obakans

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I’ve fed away at least 3-4 of Sumitomo over the past six months or so. It might have something to do with me not having gotten a Red 5* for a very long time, but I had a glut of Red 4* heroes - multiples of Scarlett, Colen, Kelile, a Wilbur & Lancelot, etc. I leveled those up because I had Red feeders and no 5* to slow down the 4* leveling. :wink:

When Sumitomo finally came along, I struggled to see anything that he could do for me that one of my other Red heroes couldn’t already do. The self-only counterattack is weak, IMO, and his damage is poor for an Average speed hero. And his run-of-the-mill attack & defense stats don’t impress, either.

I have Obakan and leveled him to 3-70, but due to other Purple priorities, it’s unlikely he’ll ever get Tabards to go any further. At this point, I only use him in very deep war attacks if I need to do any stacking against Yellow… AND if I’ve depleted my other available Purple roster.

But, since the choice is between the two, I’d pick Obakan - and I did pick Obakan, since I’ve thrown away multiple Sumitomos as “not worthy of leveling at all” - sad, but that’s how I see it.

Good gaming!


IMO, they both stink. For either to be decent they should have the counter raised to somewhere in the 200% range. As it stands, hitting either is a speed bump, not a crash stop. Boril or Elian’s are more effective, and that’s not saying much.

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The only uses I have for them is to increase the counterattacking allies to 4 when I pair them with Cyprian or Elena… Obakan is benched from Telluria’s release, Sumitomo sees some light when I attack teams who lack Vela.

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Sumi was my first 4* red, and I ascended him right away. His usefulness waned with every new addition to my roster until he was completely displaced. He gets used on war teams after the first 8-9 reds are used up, but not much else.

He just doesn’t hit hard enough, doesn’t share his counter attack, and the mana gen he provides isn’t enough to compensate.

He should either:

  • be fast speed
  • share his counterattack/mana gen w/ closest allies

I see very few possible options for all solo-reflecting heroes. If sumi does 250% or 300% doesnt really count in, from my point of view.

Probably its worth trying to set up a team that uses counterattack as tool to win.
I instantly think of something like:
Sumitomo rigard elena boldtusk obakan

Especially an enemy jabberwock and all heroes of the future where you know where the hit goes, could put counterheroes to a better level.

Actually I do make some very good experience with elena costume and her heavy heavy 155% riposte.

As sumitomi builds up mana and many defenses use vela and other splash hitters it could be possible that the mana bonus “boosts” him to some kind of almost fast hero.


That’s an interesting idea, I’ll give that a try. Unfortunately another downer on Sumi is his fighter class clashing with so many other better tc20 heroes

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