Obakan or Sartana in a Titan fight


Who should I max First as I prefer Titan fight over the other area of the game. I know overall Sartana win hands down, but Anchor 7DD rate them as the same on Titan. Interestingly, if you look at RedPython analysis the number are very different, I rate him ahead of Sartana in Titan, should I follow the crowd or buck against the trend and go with Obakan.


What score higher from your experience tile damage of hero skill ?


From skills that increase tile damage :slight_smile:
Jokes aside, tiles. They provide almost all of your damage on titan fights.

You could think like this:

  • survivability
  • attack score
  • damage contribution

Obakan could have more attack but once he is dead it will provide less tile damage than a Sartana with Wu Kong’s or Boldtusk’s buff. Id say to wait ascending Obakan, we are near season 2!


True , I can wait, i’m Spending less money once I have my tc 20 up and running.


Definitely Sartana. There’s no purple hero from rom season 2 who is better than her.


i think there is a 4 star hero that is very good for titan but sadly she is average speed


TY Wharf, I always like your response, with Wu Kong special ability, don’t you want to take Obakan to fight due to his very high tile damage. I have seen people taken Scarlett to a Titan fight due to her high tile damage.


Do not ever ascend Obakan if you already have Sartana. You will regret it. My Oba is sitting at 3^70 despite me having the tabards and not having any other 5* purples. I’d rather wait it out, this is a game of patience after all.


Santana is tanks enough to survive a hit from a 12* titan, and deals significantly more damage with her special. Even though her tile damage is worse, she is clearly superior in every use case I can think of.


Thank you all, Sartana is it. S2 proteus is a purple 4* with similar skill to Sartana.


He’s more like a min Hel. Very powerful if you don’t mind DoT over direct damage.