Obakan is not counter striking when hit

To be fair the restaurant can probably see and taste if your soup is cold when it was bought to you. So it can be delt with in real time.
The reason they probably direct people to this page as a quicker response can be done, there good people on this forum willing to help and majority of the time it’s a simple fix

To fix software problems you need to provide details.

How is anyone suppose to fix a problem like “my Obakan doesn’t counter-attack” when there are obviously tens of thousands of players who have normally functioning Obakans?

It’s entirely possible that you’ve encountered a corner case where Obakan isn’t working as expected. But unless you provide all the necessary details to reproduce that case it’s highly unlikely anything can be done to fix it. A video of the circumstances leading to the bug’s behavior is the simplest and best way to get something like this fixed in a timely manner.


That is why I give the OP the link straight to ticket, sadly it was ignored by the OP. The OP chose to reply to another posts and countinue to rant like my post didn’t even exist.

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