Obakan is he worth it

Hey guys just wondering if anybody thinks obakan is worth the materials

If you have any other purple 5*… no.

His riposte only affect himself and his damage is very weak.
But he is still better than some 4* heroes.

Said so, the next HOTM is a better Domitia… I would wait before ascending Obakan if you have less than 12 tabards.


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Obakan’s damage is almost not noticeable on maxed 5 *.
Probably good for stacking due to high attack stat and quite sturdy too.
Considering how hard it is to acquire AM, you should wait for a better 5 *.

For comparison purposes, unless I did the math wrong (involving raw attack value and %), Obakan hits about the same as Tiburtus. He’s got the edge on Tibs because he’s Fast, but I can’t help but agree with @FraVit93 that compared to other 5*, Obakan is a weak hitter.

Obakan is not that good at attacking and his Riposte can be easily ignored because it only affects him. He’s not that great for a 5* purple imo.

Even as a ftp, I’d wait for a better hero. Maybe I’d ascend Obakan to 3rd if I had some spare trap tools but imo, an emblemed purple 4* would do a better job in a team than him.

Well, about the damage I were comparing him with the other 5* heroes, while for the effect almost every other 4* purple hero (from Boomer to Proteus) have better effects.

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