Oak Tree Alliance looking for new members or absorbing smaller group

Oak Tree Alliance is looking for new members. We’re at 20/30. Quarantine has taken its toll on our numbers and we’re looking to build back up to where we once were. We have members across the world. Communication is in-game only, so no need to download or use other apps. War is optional, but members opted in are expected to read chat, follow the strategy, and use all 6 attacks. Hit titans as you can.

We’re a helpful and friendly group. Whether you’re one person or a group, we’d be happy to have you. Join Oak Tree Alliance - you’ll have fun!

Bump. We’re now at 19/30. 9-10* titans, pretty consistently at 6K+ in wars. If you have any questions, please ask :slight_smile:

Alliance is open, currently set at 2000 cups, but we are willing to lower it if there’s interest.

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