NZ Kiwis United - lf2m , 12* titans

NZ Kiwis United is looking for kiwis/expats or down to earth international players with roster depth to take on 11-12* titans and is ok with free for all war strategy. Usual daily activity required, use all war flags if opted in (we understand real life can get in the way) and aim for 50k+ on titans

Line is not required but we do have a bunch of us on it. Reach out here or to Line IDs: jamez.brown or saicheeze



Still 1 rare spot available

A great alliance with encouraging and knowledgeable leadership! Don’t take my word for it, join and find out for yourself :wink:.

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Come join an awesome alliance. Wealth of knowledge and very easy going.

1 spot open, 12/13*s with relaxed atmosphere. Looking for highly active player.

Join this awesome alliance, very knowledgeable leaders. You won’t regret it at all!

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Still a spot left hitting 12 or 13 * titans winning wars and great banter

Good to be back here, the knowledge and help is awesome! :muscle::sunglasses:

Awesome Kiwi based alliance to be involved in #1 in NZ. Super active and fun alliance - looking to fill a couple more spots.

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1 spot open, active player wanted, details in original post.

Looking for a kiwi to help take us from 13* titans to14* ,laid back war approach that is working join for top banter non kiwis welcome if fun and cheerful

Looking for 1 more Kiwi/Ex-pat/Active Player. 50k min dmg on 12-14* titans, free for all wars. Contact here or via line IDs in original post.

Looking to get a player wanting to hit 14* titans and play with a relaxed war strategy

Room for awesome player to join a great alliance of kiwis and internationals taking down 12 to 13* titans,really great vibe lots of chat about game ,enjoyable wars and constant top1000 in mythic titan

One spot available 12* titans great crew

Looking for 3 more active players to join the crew. 11-12* titans, free for all war. Detail in original post.


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2 spots left, cheers

Have 1 spot open currently, details in original post. Chur

Looking for few more active players. See details in original post, chur

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Line id: saicheeze
Line id: jamez.brown

Together, we can grow stronger.