NZ Kiwis United - 11* Titans

Looking for 1 more kiwi/expat to join NZ’s #1 alliance. 10-12* titans, must be very active on titans. Free for all war, if opting in please use all flags (understand if RL comes up now and then).

Cruisey group who have been together a long time. Come try it out. 2400 trophies entry just to show us a bit of roster depth but no need to be a spender.

Contact me here or catch me on Line
ID: saicheeze



Still looking for 1 more kiwi/expat, have a hangi ready :slight_smile:

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Been told to throw in some fish n chups and a 6 pack of double brown…any kiwi takers for last spot?

Picked up a couple 'O’rsome kiwis over the past week, cleared out 1 last spot if any kiwis/expats looking for fun challenge. Details in 1st post above. Chur

Might pop around after the war

Cool, come try us out Arctic. If you have any questions hit me up on line ID: saicheeze

Lost our leader today from the game, I have been passed the torch so looking for 1 more developed kiwi roster to help us beat on 11/12* titans. Details in 1st post. Thx

This is a great clan guys with a lot of knowledge from the alliance leadership. I am fortunate to be accepted by all even if I live in Perth lol but will always be kiwi at heart. Keep up the good work Sai and NZ Kiwis United. (Kratos)

yeah we happy to have you Kratos even though you live in Perth … this alliance is kiwi to the core … #8 wire and ‘she’ll be right mate’ … lots of banter, lot’s of fun, no pressure but lots of experience and advice on how to get better at this game … can you tell me another alliance that has a daily kiwiana question?

Choice place to be, plenty of knowledge/support, and really know how to rumble, triple resets often.
:100: :new_zealand: :+1:

Looking to fill a couple of spots after this war as folks head take off due to rl. Chur

Feeling a little disillusioned with my current alliance and may be interested. Main team is 4200+ but bench not as strong as it might be as I have only been playing 9 months. Let me know if your interested.


Couple spots still available if any kiwis interested

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Still after a couple more kiwis to join us, details above. Chur

Gonna have to offer some good ole kiwi kai again to entice the NZers, probably can rustle up some meat pies with tomato sauce and a couple jellytip icecreams for a couple kiwis needing to try a new home :slight_smile:

Details in 1st post,


Yum - kai! If I wasn’t happy in my alliance, I’d be tempted. GL - kiwis are everywhere!


Still hoping to entice a couple stong kiwis…details above

Any kiwis looking after war give me a buzz, still looking for a couple more to join us :slight_smile:

Best damn kiwi alliance. Came for a visit and ended up staying. Great knowledge base and very helpful peeps.

I am looking for a new alliance been co leader for a while. Got almost 3 lvl 80 teams is there still a spot open, looking for a more competitive alliance


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