NZ Kiwis United - 1 rare spot open

Looking for 1 more kiwi/expat to join NZ’s #1 alliance. 10-12* titans, must be very active on titans. Free for all war, if opting in please use all flags (understand if RL comes up now and then).

Cruisey group who have been together a long time. Come try it out. 2400 trophies entry just to show us a bit of roster depth but no need to be a spender.

Contact me here or catch me on Line
ID: saicheeze


Still looking for 1 more kiwi/expat, have a hangi ready :slight_smile:

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Been told to throw in some fish n chups and a 6 pack of double brown…any kiwi takers for last spot?

Picked up a couple 'O’rsome kiwis over the past week, cleared out 1 last spot if any kiwis/expats looking for fun challenge. Details in 1st post above. Chur

Might pop around after the war

Cool, come try us out Arctic. If you have any questions hit me up on line ID: saicheeze

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