Nyx vs Hypnos

Which is your favorite and why?
I guess they are there for some reasons :wink:

happy gaming

Hypnos because red dispellers are hard to come by(only costume kong I think) and dispel first is very handy. Both are A++ from what I can see.


Here’s a poll to make things easier :slight_smile:

  • Nyx
  • Hypnos

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Hypnos reminds me a lot of Onyx’s last charge, while Nyx reminds me a lot of Agrefena’s last charge except that she’s more passive (HoT instead of direct damage).

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Hypnos. Imagine seeing his smug, boyish face, with his leg propped up on a cloud, and smirking at you, while he dispells whatever kind of buffs you had and then inflicts a hefty amount of damage to whomever you have still alive. Oh and then he has the gall to tell you, “no new buffs for you.”

Nyx does seem interesting with the defense down, but dispellers in Fire are rare.

In general, both are good and balanced, I have to admit.

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