Nyx or Diaochan?

Cannot decide which one to go for. My current DT is Mother North, Wolfgang, Goseck, c. Krampus and Lewena. If I go with Diaochan, I was thinking benching MN and placing El Naddaha in her spot. But with Nyx, I’d change Goseck and instead of Krampus I’d place Sobek. So… it’s a pickle. :sweat_smile:
Any input will be much appreciated. :pray:t2:

You are thinking correctly in your set up. Diaochan would replace Gosek making your team too passive but Sobek would fix that. Nyx is a great hero, but those three charges don’t make for consistency. Seeing that neither hero improves your defense drastically by shuffling heroes, I’d go with the most useful attacker. And that’s a tough call I’d probably do Nyx…but that’s by no means a landslide decision.

Good Problems to have friend!


Thank you. A dilemma indeed. But yes, none are perfect for defence. I’m also thinking about WOK synergy. I have Zhang, Zhuge and Guan, so that combo could rock with Diaochan nicely. Ahhh.

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That would be an annoying D. Diaochan just buys time for the hitters to fire their specials. Similar to Xnol or Hulda, just making it easier for the rest of the team to ruin their day

Oh yes, indeed. So I just might go with Diaochan. I believe she has more synergy potential over Nyx.

Good call. 3 charge heroes are GREAT for raiding with. But on defense there’s no control so you can rarely get the most out of your hero.