⚖️ Nyx - 5* Dark / Purple from Tower of Styx

I have senan on the cusp of going to 4.1… But it would be more interesting story if i didn’t have 21 tabbards…

Though… I am changing my tc20s to tc2s… I’ll trade in February for a decent 5* in the soul exchange rather than in November… I don’t want nyx on a slow back burner…

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So who has tried her with a xnolohod a magic troop and the emblem bonus.

With 9 tiles and a 22% mana gen, plugs xnol’s 20%… She doesn’t go all the way up 300%… But I’ll having trouble with the math to see exactly how many tiles she needs to do so…

With needing 3 tiles for that 3rd level, xnol gives 1.141 (again with 20+2).

So 12 tiles… Needs 9.836 tiles to charge… So pls the 20%, is 10.977… So maybe… With ten tiles… I’ll check back to see if 10 tiles with set her off…

If you have all four camps on TC 2, how long does it take you to level up a 5*? I’ve never tried it that way; I use three camps to pump out elemental feeders from TC 5-9, and I can max the hero in about a month (the fourth camp is TC11 food and recruit storage).

I actually did the math today… so I am happy to answer this question…

4 tc’s with 50% 1* and 50% 2*, at 48 per day… equals on average 280.8 xp per hero drawn from the tc2… @ 48 @ 4 tcs = 53913.6 per day of xp. To level a 5* from 1.1 to 4.80 requires 353565… so exactly 6.557983514 days to level her up fully.

but I can’t empty out one of my tc20s… so I’m only running 3… and I’m leveling devana and tahir… so… leveling her with only blue purple and green… put all of those factors into the mixer… and it will take me 12.3 days to level her (from where she is right now, 1.44).

I never researched the elemental training camps… and honestly… it sounds like you might want to abandon it…


Holy crap. I’ll have to give it a shot.

Got her a moment ago

Shes my first event/Tower 5☆ other than S1, Costumes or season(II , IV) 5☆s


Got this beautiful lady on the first day with my saved up coins! Managed to get the 5th purple ether iii today so i can break her. At the beginning of the year purple was my weak color but with the addition of cKillhare, Narcisa and now Nyx I cant complain so far!


I went the TC2 method, and have maxed Nyx in 10 days. Could have been a little faster, but ran out of backpacks due to a poor Atlantis choice last time. Thanks for the teaching me the by far better method!

I have most of the emblems, but I’m one aether short!

I finished mine… Save for the limit break levels. I like her… I really like her with Grimble versus minions… I liked her more before xnol got f’d in the b… But I’m still mostly happy with her.