NW Nocturnal Winds needs YOU!

What type of team mate are you?!

This team mate always hits the Titan, smashes the enemy in the wars, and is an all around beast. Just. Maybe give him a foot or two bubble or wear one of those nose clenching appliances.

Sure you don’t talk much, but that makes your feats of epic destruction all the more impressive!

Chatty, friendly, knowledgeable, and eager to grow their squad and DESTROY ALL ENEMIES!!

NW has room for all of you! We have 8 openings. We are downing 9* titans with just 20 members. We were taking down 10-11* with 25 members. We win about 60% of our wars. We demand consistency and communicating when you’ll be away. That aside, we are a good home for a person who wants to make some friends and kick some butt.

We aren’t here to be THE BEST alliance. We aren’t ultra competitive. We place the highest value on having loyal members and being loyal to our members.

We have a discord channel, and we encourage you to check it out!

Check out our NW Record-book: (WIP!)

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still looking for some fresh blood. We are happy to accept newer players still growing their team :slight_smile: NW is a year old and recognizes that nothing is more important than having active committed members (well. In the game, ya know ;))

Heya guys. NW has 8 current openings! We have let our numbers dip a bit over the past few months, but still remain a top 1000 alliance. We are happy to accept players from a variety of experience or power levels - but we are fighting 9-10* titans so realistically you probably want at least a 3500 defense team.

IF you’re below that and still interested, please still apply!

Look forward to hearing from anyone interested :slight_smile: