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the ant goes well with the theme of nature. i could imagine her as a healer - she keeps our forests clean or as a power booster since she can carry x times her weight


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Sloths are 3times stronger than a human! They have sharp claws but they are slow…unless they are in water. They are also blind in daylight so their ability to miss could be a problem :rofl::rofl:


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Peacock girl :blush: I’m not an artist, just tried to draw something :smile:


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It was really fun to do it!


Hi everyone ! Here is my participation, with a new nature hero from a future shamanic event !

Heyoka, trickster of the forest
Class : wizard
Attk 785
Dfs 775
HP 1530
Mana speed : average
Passive ability : 20% chances to change the element of the targets into a random element each time this hero fires his special ability.

Wizardry of the woods

  • If there is more than 8 green tiles on the board :
  • Reshuffle the board.
  • Change the colour of 5 random tiles on the board into green. Random tiles cannot be already green.
  • Deals 320% damages to the target and nearby ennemies.

Zoom !


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Me and my wife, we both tryed our best to design our best “Nature Hero” together :slight_smile:

She named her “Nesryn” and i decided on the her title “Guide of the Great Forest”

Good Luck everbody! :slight_smile:


Here is mine :blush:

It almost took longer to draw the card, than the actual hero itself. :sweat_smile:

Before I began, I thought to myself…What does the game need? A female panda hero :tanabata_tree:

So I chose to draw her. :green_heart:

In case you are wondering about her class, it was completely intentional to leave that out, yes, because, a real artist always leaves something to the imagination. Right? Right?
It was totally not left out, because someone forgot, and someone’s eraser cannot erase coloring pencils. No. That is so not the reason. :grin:

Oh, and she has none of that fancy new extra bonuses stuff - no. She´s a classical hero, that you just have to have, because she´s lovely. :green_heart:

Enjoy and what beautiful art from all who have submitted already, it´s so fun to see - you are so talented.
Thank you for sharing and good luck :four_leaf_clover: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Made the concept art for “Adriana - Protector of Flora”. I’ve decided to make it in concept art form because I believe we are giving ideas and the art team will redraw it for fitting in game style.


Protector of Flora

Rarity: imageimageimageimageimage
Class: image
Element: image

Mana Speed: Average
Attack: 798 :crossed_swords:
Defense: 762 :shield:
Health: 1390 :heart:

:no_entry_sign: Resist: Resist counterattack
This hero has innate resistance against damage, status ailments and effects coming from counterattack.

:hourglass: Ability: Minion on fiend
This character replaces received fiends for a Rose Minion. Rose minion inherits 25% HP and 7% attack from the caster. This effect can be activated once per battle.

:dizzy: Special Skill: "Destruction Prevention"
• Deals 150% damage to all enemies.
• Heals 20% health of all allies and further 10% for each Nature ally and enemy in play.
• Insert a Rose Stone on the board. Rose stone has a 3 turns countdown, if not removed in time it explodes and applies the following effect:
⠀⠀⠀⠀• Removes all minions and fiends from all enemies;
⠀⠀⠀⠀• Deals 150% damage to all enemies;
⠀⠀⠀⠀• Deals additional 40% damage per removed minion or fiend, up to 400% damage in total.
⠀⠀⠀⠀• All allies get +2% mana generation per removed minion or fiend, up to +30% in total.

Concept art:


• Concept explained:
A girl just born from giant roses to be the protector of all flora. A butterfly lands on her head to welcome her. New flowers grow from your hair. There are leaf designs on her cheeks. Thorns from the branches can be controlled to defend nature when necessary.

• Special Skill Animation:
Roses grow above opponents, tremble and explode. After the damage is calculated, one of the tiles on the board is replaced by a rose stone.

• Rose stone:
Behaves just like special tiles in seasonal events. Must be removed before the timer runs out. It keeps the original tile color and must be matched to be eliminated.

• Main uses and features:
Not high damage to all but immune to counterattacks,
new mechanic that values the ‘puzzles’ inside games’ name intead of another nuke all hero,
small to big healing,
countering minions,
use advantage on demons placed on enemies,
change of very high damage if rose stone is activated,
chance of mana generation buff.

• Sketch:

click to see


Lady Dandelion.
Dandelions are medicinal flowers, so she could be Cleric.


Wow, this idea and image is cool


Here is my contribution:

Every Contest needs a bit of Loki. To go along with the moto “Nuts for Nature” I proudly present:

Nut Loki!

This hero is based on the old nordic tale about Loki disguise as a nut to steal wisdom from the world tree.

His ability should

  • All enemys receive 666 over 3 turns
  • Recovers 66% healt for all allies
  • Summons a worm Fiend for all allies dealing 33% damage per turn and absorbing 20% healt

This Is Willow. Not only does she shelter/ protect but get her going & she can snap you with her branches and leave a massive mark. I wanted to do something for Nuts for Nature & love Willow Trees.


This is the one, 420 characters

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So MUCH this! Female pandas needed!!!