Numbers string 455 is censored in game chat

In my alliance the leader has the chat set up to censor as it is a family alliance. We use limits for war. Today’s limit was set for 4555. This was censored in chat. 455 was also censored. 4556 was allowed. I suspect it is some picture scanning Tech that reads 455 as … buttocks spelled with an ‘A’. Anyone else ever run into this?


Yep. A lot of weird things are censored in alliance chat.

Every time I have tried to post “I am going to assess the opponent’s defenses”

it comes out as “I am going to *** the opponent’s defenses”


Funny how censorship can actually make something completely innocent actually sound filthy.

Actual example of real alliance chat conversations I’ve had:

Member: Hey TGW which team should I go for first?
TGW: Hang on. Let me *** their defenses first.
Member: Oh okay! Sure! Go for it!
TGW: No that’s not what I meant… ***
TGW: ***
TGW: God ***
TGW: *** chat censor
TGW: I meant. Assessment. Minus the ment.
Member: LOL
Member: So you going to *** them or not
TGW: Never mind. Go for anyone you want. LOL


in Experienced Chat, when i mentioned Scarlett’s attack power, it got censored. “895 to 934” was literally censored. How does numbers, of all things, get censored?

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Ever turn a calculator upside down?:wink:


indeed. multiple times

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Those are the magic numbers


Today we discovered the game chat doesn’t censor the word ‘hoe’. Which was great because we were actually chatting about gardening implements

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Yeah, can confirm that something must have changed with censorship during the last weeks, not only limited to english language though. Also happened to me in some completely harmless and innocent comments - don’t even can imagine, for what reason some words were censored… :man_facepalming:

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Filth. I hope you’re suitability embarrassed

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Everyone in the alliance had a good laugh at my expense, at least. Bleeping random words can make anything sound filthy, though.

“Ask not what your country can *** for you, ask what you can *** for your country.” - John F. Kennedy

“Real freedom will come not by the acquisition of authority by a ***, but by the acquisition of the capacity by all to *** authority when abused.” - Mahatma Gandhi

“Do I not *** my enemies when I make them my ***?” - Abraham Lincoln

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There is a stronghold level of which we shall not speak.


455 is a curse word?
4455 - Alliance Message - Censored?

IDK about you, but my stronghold level is 69.

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