Numbers in war

I do not know if more people happen to them, I suppose so, but we are a Spanish alliance and it has already touched us 3 times with Russian alliances, it would be great if they put a number in front of the name of the rivals, because the names are nameless, just as the numbers mean nothing, but as an organization of attacks of the alliance would be much more comfortable to say, attack the 5 that say attacks & # $ @% €


I like the idea a lot - lock the position of each player at the start of the war and number them. I collected data on the first three wars but stopped because it was too hard to track all the names. This would be a good fix for that problem as well as team coordination.

You could learn the Cyrillic letters and write the names using Latin letters…

I actually downloaded the Russian language pack so I had access to a Cyrillic keyboard. It’s slightly helpful, but doesn’t change the fact that writing random player names - which often include a mix of different alphabets, numbers and symbols - is a pain in the ■■■ which SG could easily resolve either by numbering players or adding an export data function.


Definitely could use the export function! :+1:

There’s an example on that Wikipedia page. When you’d see something like “Сергей Гончар” you’d write “Sergei Gonchar” – you don’t need Cyrillic keyboard for that. And, once you learn the letters, fast.

today is a Russian adversary, tomorrow it can be Chinese … numbering them is much easier

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