Numbering participants in the war

There are a lot of languages ​​supported in the game. When discussing the war plan with the rest of members, it is difficult to refer to the members of the opposing alliance, especially when it is not in common language such as Russian, Arabic, etc. Please give the alliance members numbers.

You can use some sort of grid like top left is A1
Below that is B1 and so on

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While this is an issue, our alliance has fun with it. We get as close as we can with the Russian characters. Sometimes it looks something like ‘cbennkisqrtvzxert’, but everyone understands who we’re talking about and gets a laugh. :rofl:

Seriously, if it gets too hard to understand, you can use a grid as suggested by @HarryDeB. A simple shorthand would be something like 2:3… 2 across (column 2):3 down (3rd opponent down).

Oh wait! I read that not all members see the war battlefield in the same order, depending on their operating system (android or IOS).
Is this true?

We haven’t experienced any issues that players see opponents on other places yet.

Meanwhile, here is a grid I developed which will serve the purpose. Steve for instance is at location D6.