Number of victories (5->25)


Today, i observed that’s number of victories needed to get a war-bonus had been increased from 5 to 25… Why?


See notification:

Now 5 Points per victory and one for getting defeated.


Click the chest and read.


Thanks for your feedback


I hope the reward will be worth it.
25 times lost wars = 3months
There will be a lot of complaints

But we know what will be inside so why it cannot be more kindly ? 10 points 2 for victory 1 for loss ?


So for those of you who won the war last week, do you now have 5 points in your chest or did they reset the counter to 0 for everyone?


We have 5 points. (and 20 characters)


We have lost last War, we heve 0/25 i think that we should have now 1/25 at war chest :slight_smile: please fix it :slight_smile:


Please note that the Portuguese version of the game does not show that info: it still has the same info as in previous version, although objective changed to 0/25… I did log off and on again after updating.


There’s no need for this change to work retroactively. But it could, if they want to.


We have 5 as well

I am not a moderator


Guess you have checked your release note and you are sure to have current Version? If so better contact Support if chest still shows 5.
Ours has changed in Germany and I got no complains from my members from other countries (but none from Portugal)


@OneMilionYearsOldOrc, I think these war matching changes are likely to help matches for those constantly facing stronger opponents… I’m going to be positive and predict, you will not lose the next 25 wars! :smile:


I disagree, if they awarded 5 to the victors they should award 1 to the losers. Either that or reset everyone to 0.


And if you leave the alliance or you’re kicked out you lose the chest … that is not ok !! You won that chest !!


Someone in my ally suggested me to “clean the cache”; after that, everything was normal. Had never happened before… and since some info changed but not all, I thought maybe there was some bug.

Thanks for the reply, though.


The staff said it will be AWESOME loot!!!
So its a 1 year chest :rofl: :joy:
To have awesomeness you need to wait.
P.S just hope after all this wait it wont give you silver tokens and some coal


Our team lost the last war and we have nothing in our counter, 0/25…


Be careful with the begging, it makes you illogical. The alliances that won the last war would’ve needed 4 more victories to fill the chest. With this change they still need 4 more victories to fill the chest. The alliances that lost would’ve needed 5 more victories to fill the chest. With this change they still need 5 more victories to fill the chest. So nothing changed here. But because of this change, all alliances will get a bit closer to fill the chest also when suffering defeats. This change, as implemented, does not benefit the alliances that have won the previous war any more than it benefits the alliances that have lost it.


The rules should be applied consistently across the game. Since they changed the scoring system the correct score under the new rules should be awarded to all players.