Number of Tiles (Regular vs Ghost Tiles) Required to Activate Mana (based on Mana Speed)

It is open to correction as stated up front @Dante2377. Can I use your source for a citation of certainty? If so would appreciate the link or what you may have. Thanks!

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I’d search the forums…Arien and Revelate back in the day had a bunch of posts that showed the math behind it…

@H0fm4nN - I added the information provided by @SWEG and @Dante2377


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@CheTranqui - cool on the Fandom Wiki - I checked it out!
Look’s like you caught the suggestion change! Best - RaZ

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You’re the best !

& thanks to everyone else who helped :slight_smile:

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Bump… i cant find my answer here…

In order to get kunchen to average i should have like 23 mana troops and on 17 he will become faster?

You can’t with just mana troops and class levels.
To reach an average speed from slow, you need a total 20% mana gain increase.
Mana troops level 29 will give +15%, cleric class level 19 will give you +2%.

You can see it by yourself on the sheet here: New Mana Troops goals after +20 Class Talents?


hello first of all thanks for the info.
I’m still looking for the mana value given by the chips on the board when making a combo. I understand that this decreases considerably. since in many publications they are not taken into account or mentioned. by chance you could place it from now thank you very much

I know your post is nearly 6 mos. old so if you don’t reply, hopefully someone else will. My understanding is that if I level up my V.Fast hero to lv 11, the mana generation speed will increase.
If I ascend that hero and he goes back to level 1 in the next ascention tier, does his mana generation go back to 6.5 until I get him to lv 11 again? Or does it stay at the faster speed until a certain point that it gets a little faster still? Thank you

The “level 11” comments you’ve seen refer to the level of a 4* mana troop, not the actual level of the hero.

If you use a 4* mana troop that is level 11 or higher, a very fast hero will fill their mana in 6 tiles, or 3 ghosted tiles


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Your gonna be really disappointed and really messed up if you continue to believe that!
So hope you come back to read this, if your observant you will figure it out! Some of us take things for granted and early on I wouldn’t have noticed. Bringing the upper post back down to you for an EYE level so you don’t scroll read scroll…

The wee bump has nothing to do with your heroes base ascension or leveling within that, so always look below your hero to the troop. Yes that we bump for V.F. level 11 MANA troop

Mana Troop (Spot check tip NO MONSTERS! No Ice Ladyw/shield)
Defiantly the preferred troop selection as well. So early on if you rolling for 4* and get several of an ele, i would encourage you always go Mana just more useful overall I believe.

Mana Speed Tiles (Reg, Ghost)
Very Slow 14, 7
Slow 12, 6
Average 10, 5
Fast 8, 4
Very Fast 6.5, 3.25

Level at which there is a decrease in tiles using Mana Troops:

  • lvl 11 - very fast moves from 6.5 to 6
  • lvl 17 - slow moves from 12 to 11
  • lvl 23 - average moves from 10 to 9
  • lvl 29 - fast moves from 8 to 7

What Mana, if any does the enemy get when you ghost?

I’ve seen this offensive data several times. What I’d really like to know is mana generation on the defensive side. How many turns to charge per speed without getting hit by tiles? How many tiles to get hit by to charge? etc.


So, question. If you have a slow mana hero and want to get them to average, is this possible? Are we talking level 17 or level 23 mana troops to do this.

Ok, not at 17…that I can test. So, 23 or 29 maybe?

Well let’s check the math!

Slow mana heroes need 12 tiles to charge. An Average hero need 10 to charge. So to go from 12 down to 10 tiles needs a 20% increase in mana.

The sources of mana increase come from:

  • Troops (Maxes out at 15%)
  • Class nodes (2% for most, 4% for druid, sorcerer & monk)
  • Elemental link (4%)
  • Special skills (24% - Ariel, Lancelot, Khagan & Bauchen).

SO, the absolute MAXIMUM mana bonus you can get is the sum of all those: 15+4+4+24 = 47%

So the answer is YES, you could get a hero who is Slow Mana Speed to charge at the same rate as an Average hero… NOTE on this tho, some of these mana boosts above would also affect the average hero so that would change the dynamic again

Also of interest (maybe). You cannot get a slow hero to charge at the same rate as a fast hero as to do that you would need to go from 12 tiles to 8 which requires a 50% mana boost which is outside the all time max currently available.


The Wonderland Family bonus includes also a small mana increase that might add up to 50%:

Bonus for 2/3/4/5 Heroes:

+2%/4%/7%/12% mana
+5%/10%/15%/20% critical chance

Which means only the particular levels the mana troop is effective for particular category and don’t they impact on other categories ? Let say for example troop level x is effective for average which means troop level x doesn’t bring any impact on others like fast slow etc ? What is the technique behind it , how’s calculated ?

This is what helping me most.
Since there are more ways which improve mana regen (spirit link, costume bonus, family bonus etc).


I know this is a very late response…
but my question is:
slow heroes need 12 tiles to file up
average speed heroes need 10 tiles
from 12 to 10, it is 2 tiles less…
I think the calculation is, 2/12 = which is 16.6%, instead of 2/10 = 20%, correct?
We are talking about the 2 tiles from 12, not 2 tiles from 10.
83.4% (100-16.6, roundup) of 12, is 10.
Hope someone can confirm.

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