Number of Teams

Please, please add a sixth team space, so it coordinates with the number of teams needed to be used in the wars. It would make figuring out the teams so much easier…and would help prevent accidentally eating a hero you shouldn’t because they are mixed up with feeders and you forgot to favorite them. (Yes, I did that with a fully leveled hero) Thanks!


5 is perfect… 1 raid’s teams 1 titan’s team, 1 province’s team, 1 defence’s team.
1 jolly team…

1 AW team. 6 is perfect!

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I Vote for 6 team slots too please - as those of us OCD’ers are having psnic attacks !!! Lol . No offence intended.

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Oh boy, I suggested first time in beta they smashed me but still I vote for 6 !!! :joy:

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Right behind ya bruv

Why isn’t 5 enough?

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come on don’t you see we like it to be organized for war. Already there 5 and its great but what does it matter when there is one more for our comfort :laughing:

We just now got 5. And you have to set up attack teams for each flag during war anyways. So I’m not seeing how having 6 team set ups all the time would help. So no i guess i don’t see it. That’s why i asked.


np at all. ppl are different and I for myself would love to see my 6 war teams

Do you set 5 up for the war and just leave them? I have 2 teams that rarely get changed(defense and world map) then i have 2 teams that change constantly based upon opponent(titan team, raid team) and 1 team i use as a level up team or war team. In 5th team the heros i want to level up next for war. Granted i do have 6 war attack teams put together, but I used line instead of ingame, mainly because it can make interesting conversation within your alliance. Always nice to hear feedback and opinions on progress and see different perspectives from fellow team members. That’s just me though. I dont see harm in us having 6 teams, i just dont see the benefit either.

Use the hero lock so you don’t eat leveled heroes, I think this solves the problem that you are worried about.

I want at least 8, the more the merrier. I would prefer to never change Titan teams if we had enough slots so that takes 5 slots.

Yep, the only logical step is one for each war team, one for each colour titan, one for each event, auto farming, high level farming, raid attack and raid defence. 18 slots when?


No. Hell, 5 is too many.

Grown ■■■ men and women…jesus wept.

If you need help keeping it all straight, adding a roster like name, element and power showing available assets for AW is an easy add.

And, I fed Bane my first week. I learned.

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Thanks for correcting me, I sense sarcasm isn’t one of your strong points.

Mantis, I take it group chat is not your strong point…the very next reply is not necessarily to you.

I sense sarcasm is often lost in this morrass.

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Is it too late to join in?

I got 5 new team slots. I used 2 before today…today is 3. Would I use 6? Maaaaaybe. But prolly I’d never even use 5. :wink:

I would love 10! Lol! So many different team combos. Raid: yellow centre; raid red centre, etc.

Come to think of it, make it 50 slots! Lol!

I would still probably only use 3, but wouldn’t bother me if the had more either.

I also use 1 team slot for world map, 1 for defense and 1 for everything else.

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