Number of raids

I received 17 defenses on raids within one hour.

This is ridiculous. While I can attack once per hour, I can be beaten too often. This is completely unbalanced

Were your cups particularly high compared to where you normally sit?

If you do well and gain lots of cups it makes you a very attractive target.

Still, at least you have lots of revenge options to build back up.

Yes, I can regain. That is not my point. Number of attacks and balances should be balanced within a given time frame.

Maybe you were the final fight at the end of a province in season 1? I’m not sure how they choose those teams but I’ve been raided 4 times in a row by the same team and around 9 times, by other teams, while I slept. I just chalked it up to that? Otherwise I have no idea how, or why, that could happen.

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