Number of minions for Seshat

Is the number of minions for Seshat limited to 3 like with all the other minion producing heroes or can she have more?
Mine only always made 3 but today my opponent suddenly had 4 minions under his Seshat.
Strange occurence, or bug? I never managed to get more than 3, even if I played long enough.

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whaat I never saw 4, only 3 as well and I use mine daily. Never got to 4.

Do you know if the 4th replicated from an existing one or spawned after using the special skill ?

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Happened twice. One was a clone, one got spawned by her SF. Only took one screenshot though… when checking her stats it showed 4 minions although one only had 1 HP. But it wasn’t a purely graphical glitch, as all 4 attacked and did damage.

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Kinda hope they leave it long enough for me to run into it

Never seen her with 4 minions. Very interesting. Always think she can have max 3. What were the other heros?

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@zephyr1 @Petri

What do u 2 know bout 4 minions?

There’s a bug report in Beta from 16 days ago with Seshat having 4 Minions.

The Small Giant Staff replied about it:


Not sure what to make of this raid tourney attack, but sure looks like a bug of some sort.


One of the minions at least appears dead, so maybe a cosmetic thing? I didn’t get a screencap, but at one point there were 6 minions showing on Seshat. I’ll report if no one can explain any better.

Sorry, I didn’t research back far enough. :grimacing:

In the heat of battle I didn’t think to screenshot stats of Seshat. But I can assure you there were 6 minions at one point


Seshat had a dead minion that stayed attached and kept duplicating a new minion every turn. I couldn’t record the hit, because I was at work, but I nearly lost because of it. I won this mismatched raid with 5 seconds to spare because of this bug. Not happy.

@littleKAF @Rook @zephyr1

There is already a thread discussing this bug if it helps.


Merged, thanks! :heart_decoration:


I had the same issue in a Raid. The dead minion duplicated a minion every turn so I couldn’t kill her

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