Number of kills in Raid Battle and Alberich

I’ve encountered Alberich several times in raid battles and managed to beat opponent even if Alberich revived one or two heroes. The only injustice I see in this case is, I was only rewarded having killed 5 heroes only and not 7. I believe if Alberich resuscitates heroes, I should take credit for the killing again. Does anyone feel different?

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They’re typically easier kills though, since they’re not revived at full health. I see what you’re saying though, because if enough time does go by before you manage to kill them, and/or you don’t have a dispeller handy to remove that healing buff, they’ll be back at full health in no time. Though, I could see some people exploiting that, if it were implemented, and hunting for every Alby in a defense setup that they could find, then letting him revive as many as possible to knock down before the timer goes off.



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Not really. It’s albi’s ability. If he can revive his allies means that you didn’t manage to fully kill them. Consider them undead. :laughing:

I don’t have Albi anyway. Randa may tell you that. :blush:

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But you’ve only killed 5 heroes… He doesn’t tag in a new set of heroes, it’s the same one, revived by the team medic that you’ve taken out again.

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I see your point Randa, but the odds of finding an Alby would be 1 out of 20 or more and therefore they would have to spend a lot of food at 2000, so I still believe it should count as a kill. Also you’re right when revived, they do heal up quick and kill you, it has happened to me several times.

Personal opinion - it should be the number of heroes out of 5 dead at the end of the battle. Otherwise, I’m going to toy with the enemy and use double healers and kill everyone and then spare alby to get more than 5 heroes per raid


I’ve rerolled more for less, rerolling twenty teams is 40k and that’s not really all that much (to me). Though, I know you’re just spit-balling and the answer isn’t exactly 1 in 20, I’m just saying there are plenty of people who are willing to do just that and reroll as many times as need be. Obviously not everyone will, just like not everyone drops cups to fill their raid chest, but if this were to be implemented it would definitely be something many people would exploit.
I still understand your point though, I really do, but wouldn’t it also be weird if Alby’s special was the only one that counted toward our hero chest and no one else’s? What about minions, then? I know they’re not exactly heroes, but they’re an extra little thing you have to kill too, would they start counting toward the hero chest as well? Like @AirHawk said, think of Alby’s special like any other special but instead of attacking or summoning minions he summons his allies as the undead. Then they’re not really new heroes, they’re just empty shells of what they used to be; that way, you’re not really killing that hero again, because they never really died, did they? Or did they?..
I’m losing myself in this comment so I’mma step out now for some coffee :blush:

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If only SG would let us, not necessarily trade, but let us lend out a hero for the night; I’d let you borrow Alby for a bit, but only if I got someone cool in return for that duration- Athena, Zeline, G Panther? :wink:

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If those would count new killed heroes. I would just search easy team with Alberich and fill hero chest just with one fight. So no those shouldn’t be counted new kills in hero chest.

I find it much more frustrating that you can take out 3 heroes, but of he rezzes them and you die right after, it counts as a zero toward chest!

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