Number of hits shown on titans?

Since we have a total number of flags left for war. Any possibility that we can look how many titan flags we used for each defeated / escape titans?

I think it should work well so that leaders/members can see where they based on number of hits n damage in total for each titan. If not we have to track numbers we hit after every titan to see how we progress along the way - as after certain hours,the hits will be gone which we might missed out tracking it.

This can be helpfull.
But I think should be available only to leaders/coleaders.

I think it fair to be open so everyone in the alliance able to see it.

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Translation (Polish): A good idea . I like .
Is there a chance to implement it?

Some related ideas:

Either that or give us an API to the raw data. It’s not unheard of for mobile games to allow data mining.