Number of flags for #X level

Hello, I just wanna test something as it may have occured only to me.

Anyone here on level 30 or 31? I am level 30 and I have only 28 flags of world energy.
I have an ally mate who is level 33 and has 31 flags of world energy (!!??)
So I came to wonder… upgrade on number of flags is also made by luck?? If it is, its totally wrong and unfair!! Or maybe from level 31 on, you get a flag for level (!?).
Please someone around these levels tell me how many flags you have, cause maybe I need to open a call on support.

Yes, I’m not sure why but as you near lvl 30 you stop getting a flag every level. After hitting 30, you start to get them again. I am lvl 36 and have 34 flags.

Between level 25 and 30 or so the flags doesn’t increase with every level-up … after that it starts doing so again (but I don’t know until which level); you will have the same amount of flags at level 33 as your friend does. Don’t worry … that’s one of the few things not based on luck.

We have this tracked in some similar thread up until the early 40’s…do a quick search.

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Here: I did it for you:

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EDIT: You beat me to it. :grin:

Thanks a lot, sorry for being lazy about it!

Thanks for the answers! Sorry the trouble

In fairness - I didn’t find it on the search for ‘flag’ but found it on a search for ‘world energy’

Always happy to help, no trouble at all!

True, the title of the thread is misleading

@Rook - could we edit the title of that thread above to “List of World Energy Flags by Player Level”?

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Sure. :wink:


EDIT: I ran out of room. The new title is “List of World Energy by Player Lvl”

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Boo I leveled last night and stayed at 34 haha

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I just reached level 30 myself and was told my flags would be 30, but it still shows only 28 for my flags. How do I get a hold of someone to get this fixed, because I purchase the world energy refill flags at least once a day with gems and would really appreciate getting everything I’ve earned or paid for? Thanks for any help. Mimi

You don’t get 30 world energy until player level 32. Check the link above, it has a chart on it.