Number of days played stat. Where has it gone

I was unable to find anything on this

There used to be a place in game that told you how many days played or when joined the game. It’s seemingly disappeared. Does anyone know where it’s gone or did the devs remove it?

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If you go to the settings in game and click the achievements (medal icon) at the bottom, it’ll show you when you completed the tutorial, which should be day 1.

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Ahh cool. Never thought of that one. Thanks @Nitrus.

Still wondering about the one that I seem to remember being on the player profile page that tells you strongest titan etc.

Under Options > Settings, I see no medal to click. Screenshot? (Please edit out your account info if it appears).

I’m pretty sure he’s referencing the google play achievements. It worked for me. I would post a screenshot but my phone’s too wimpy to handle picture editing. In android it’s below the Login To Facebook button.

Ah, I’m IOS. I see this:

Nothing happens when I click Game Center. :slight_smile:

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Weird. Does game center not have achievements?

But still wondering where/why it left player profile…

Not clickable via the game. Lemme go looking…


I clicked EVERYwhere in the game. Could not find button (and yes, game is for both IOS/Android).

Same here FOR IOS!
I can’t Find it

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