Number of daily summon tokens


How many summon tokens can you save up? Currently at 80 right now, is 99 the maximum it goes to? How many have you saved up?


:laughing: LOL Jaz! I’ve never saved those! I just train and be done with them!


@Coppersky I’ve never done this either.

@Jaz9999 Does this give you the option of doing a 10 summon? I wonder if that effects the mechanics in any way. I would presume not.

As I have hundreds of some items, I would guess the limit is pretty high.


Nope I can not do 10 summons, need to do one at a time… I will see what happens when I get to 100. Or maybe just use them all up when i get to 99.


I have saved up 25 token and no you still have to do them 1 at a time but it did give me 4 star troops


You got 4 star troops from daily summons? I thought it only gave 3* troops was this recently change can someone confirm?


You can only get 3* troops at best from a daily summons. You can only get 4* troops from epic troop summons.


That is what I thought. Would be nice if they put 4* troops into daily summons, right now daily summons is just feeder and useless.


Be awesome if you could trade a bunch of those saved up daily tokens for an epic token or elemental token eh???


That would be good too.


That would be good i would do it