Number 45 with 's issue


I just wrote the number 45 with the ('s) in the allience chat like so 45’s and it gets censored to *** .

May I ask why please. This looks/sounds very curious.

No other number with ('s) is censored why this one


Let me help you ASSess this…if your game chat language is set to English I am going to guess that it is because a 4 kind of looks like an A, and a 5 sort of kind of looks like an S, and the censor can’t be fooled by an apostrophe. The censor is savage!


OK LOL, not that I was swearing as we where talking about ages but that so funny.

Yup. You can’t say assess in game chat either. But…you can change the language which tricks the censor… :shushing_face:

My favorite ridiculous game chat censor is still sh17 — we call it the censored stronghold. :poop:

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