Nullify/Disable Emblems during Raid Tournaments to encourage more variety in hero usage

I think the more variety there is the more interesting the gameplay for everyone.
Disabling emblems for some tourneys seems like an easy way to add variety. I also think, as add on to this idea, could be other variable conditions including things like a no minion tourney or no DOT heros. I am sure other variations could be added in as well. To me, its about interesting game play and not just helping newer players.
For me, and probably everyone else, farming stinks. It is a necessary evil in order to grow. Anything that can add variety helps break up the boredom. …And No, i dont think there is enough variety currently in the game. No one says everyone has to participate in every aspect of the game. The more options there are, the better, IMO.


Give the F2P masses the fair fight that they demand! Have a tournament where heroes are stripped of emblems and costumes. No boosters or field aids.

Just a thought.


Okay, after 4 consecutive defeats at this tournament because I had to face 4000-max-emblems 4* teams with my 3400 unemblemed teams (my only emblemed 4* are the Rigards and Boldtusk, for war purpose), I would like to revive this page and once again request for nullified emblems, but not during every Raid Tournament, but by creating a new category of Tournament (I am not that radical, guys). This means nullifying not only talents but also any bonus on attk/health/def and mana.

This kind of tournament would be very FTP friendly (don’t stop reading yet SG, there’s still money in this for you guys), but also very interesting for the rest of the community: imagine building defense teams without worrying about having two barbarians (I am, of course, talking about Gravemaker) competing for emblems. This gives (some) more incentive to pull more at the (RNGesus forgive me for mentioning its name) Tavern of Legend as well as other events. So please, for the love of Gem, stop making me fight max-emblem teams so I have to resort to going mono (I don’t even have enough heroes for that…) by having ‘Nullified Emblems’ as a Tournament category.