Nullify/Disable Emblems during Raid Tournaments to encourage more variety in hero usage

This probably won’t be too popular but it was something that my alliance members and I were talking about.

We have a fairly diverse range of players. Some pay and some just play. We realized that with these tournaments, as time goes and more emblems are acquired, the gap between pay and free players is going to widen.

Try to imagine the excitement of a newer player who gets to take part in a three star raid tournament, only to realize that they’re up against players with maxxed out emblem heroes. I would think that it would be demoralizing. It also lowers the incentive of spending 75 gems to continue playing for someone who is a free player.

I understand that it takes time to accumulate heroes, emblems, and ascension mats. But like challenge events, the ranking of raid tournaments seem only applicable for people who spend money, and in the end you will only have a larger gap in power between f2p and p2p.

If you nullify emblems for tournaments you give new and free players an honest shot at ranking and rewards, and possibly more incentive to spend those hard earned gems to buy back in if they’ve lost their four matches.

If matchmaking is really finely tuned where emblems turn out to not matter too much, then great! Forget I posted this. But maybe this could also be part of the solution for matchmaking. Just a thought.

Thanks for reading!

The question I have is, do paying players have an emblem advantage?

I’ve seen emblems for cash sale once during these Easter deals, and twice for a reasonable amount of gems just in the featured deals.

I’m actually really against emblems for cash sale, but as long as the offers are few and far between, like some rare ascension items, then paying players don’t really get that advantage.

To be clear, I’m resolutely and categorically against giving paying players such an edge in any respect that non-paying players are at a disadvantage. But I’m not sure emblems fit this issue, tbh.


To me new players would be likely the first ones to work on 3* heroes and they would benefit from the extra stats the emblems grants while old players would be incentivized to empower Epic or Legendary heroes to push for titans or to do better on wars.


When we looked at the leaderboards for when the three star tournament was running, the top players had either max or nearly maxxed emblem-ed heroes. With time played and money spent, this is much easier for paying players.

Please see my other reply.

Totally valid points. And the thing that makes this game so great is that with time everything should even itself out, but I still believe that it creates a gap. This is another type of event that favors payers and long term players. It’s not that the gap is insurmountable, but quite large and possibly discouraging for new players looking for an event that they can actually participate in.

Thank you!

My idea is pretty simple:

Deactivate the bonuses from emblems during tournaments.

This could have several positive effects and should be simple to implement. It not even has to be every war but could potentially be switched on and of like the colours allowed.

  1. It would help new players compete

Emblems are currently a big wall for newer players (also for players would joined in the last 6 months or are less activ). They missed out emblems and have a much harder time to fight against “older”.
It would help them greatly to participate in 3 star or 4 star tournaments. I can only imagine the frustration of a new player getting crushed by highly emblemed heroes.

  1. More heroes get viable

For me it always one of the purposes of tournaments is: award people who have more heroes and allowed the usage of “odd” normally not much liked heroes.
It gets pretty clear with rush attack making slow heroes way more powerful. During normal raids or war they don’t get much love.
But with emblems this purpose is defeated. Normally a Colen would be better than a Scarlett. But is a Colen +0 better than a Scarlett +20? Disable emblems would help these heroes to shine and would people favour them more. So more heroes feel useful. This could even help making bad pulls feel a bit less terrible as more heroes a good to pull.

  1. It would make tournaments more fun!

Resulting from point 2. there are a lot of defence teams who ignore the special rules mostly and just put Gravemaker and alike everywhere. This makes sense if there Gravemaker is highly emblemed but it could encourage people to be more creative without emblems.
So more verity in heroes you fight could improve the fun in actually playing the matches for those who enjoy the fighting.

Hope this hasn’t been posted before.

In short:
Disable emblems to allow more verity in hero usage and allow new player to compete.

I personally don’t think this to be the best idea. On one hand, here’s an opportunity to make your heroes stronger. On the other hand, here’s a feature where you can’t use your stronger heroes.

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What it would allow for, though, is using more of your heroes.

I have 47 maxed 4* and counting, but only 19 of them have any Emblems.

Since I face max-Emblemed teams in 4* Tournaments, my unemblemed 4* heroes aren’t really viable on Defense, and are risky on Offense. It’s like bringing 3* heroes against 5* heroes in the pre-Emblem days.

Because of that, I end up only really being able to use my Emblemed heroes. Disabling Emblems for Tournaments would make it feasible for me to build teams from my whole roster of heroes, which would mean for more variety — and for me, that would also be more fun.


Okay. I’ve done my emblems differently. For each class, I’ve only brought one 5* hero to +7 and one 4* hero to +18/19. I haven’t actually got to this point yet but it’s where I’m going - some classes I don’t have enough emblems and others I have chose to hoard my emblems (there’s a thread for that, no? :joy::rofl::joy::rofl:). So for me, I don’t see the advantage as I routinely bring non-emblemed heroes against emblemed heroes. But I can see where you’re coming from.

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Devils advocate here… isn’t it emblems that make some heroes like Ulmer viable? I thing removing emblems from the mix will make DIFFERENT heroes viable for tournaments.

Not disagreeing with the suggestion… Just throwing that out there.


Yeah but do you really give Ulmar emblems? If so why? Only for tournaments or for events?
Would you give emblems to a hero whom you only use during rush attack 3 star tournaments with his colour allowed?


I guess it could be added as a feature where occasionally emblems are turned off like a colour. However to say you can beat emblemed teams isn’t true. I have no emblems in any 3* hero’s and only have 8 to choose from. I still come in the top 5-1%. 4* hero’s I have many about 40 max ones but only two have emblems upto level 8. as the rest are on my 5*. I always come top 1% in any 4* tourney.

So my point is I find it more of a challenge to stack against emblemed hero’s and that’s what makes it fun. Even in the 2* tourney and I had no 2* hero’s and no 1* troops as I feed them all. I had to use trainer hero’s I still was top 25%. The challenge is is manipulating the board as much as picking heros. No I don’t go mono either

Personally, I don’t give emblems to any heroes lower than a 4* as my focus isn’t raid tournies. I do participate in the tournies but I prefer regular raid and war so my emblems go there.

That being said, I have gone against many emblemed Ulmers in the tournies. I can’t speak to the players reasons for embleming Ulmer, but I have seen many of him.

I don’t like the idea of removing a hero feature that people spend a lot of time developing.

We are literally running 3*, 2*, and probably 1* tournaments. how much more help do new players need? It’s ok it it kaes someone months and months of play to be competitive. that’s the nature of the game. It took me about 4-5 months from starting to be able to get reasonable ranks in these types of things. Why does that need to be shorter?

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I think it could open up some more creativity, as well. Based on what we know about matchmaking now, the alternative to keep things “fair” is to emblem your whole 4* pool round robin. By doing so, your best five qualifying heroes are representative of your entire roster, which means your general competition is going to be comparable to the teams you are able to compose.

In your case, assuming all 47 of your 4*s could have a place in an RT, you’d have 47 heroes at rank 3 or 4, instead of 19 at varying ranks between 10 and 18 and the rest at 0. But that handicaps you in other areas of the game, so it’s not practical. The idea being proposed eliminates the need to do something drastic like rationing out emblems, and lets you enjoy a larger amount of your roster.

On the flip side (and this is directed more generally, or to the OP @ProfLoki), the new class mechanics offer a big difference in how certain heroes are approached. I cannot count the number of times a fighter has revived and then attacked with a special, been healed, etc. There have also been plenty of rogue evades that have wasted specials that could have taken out a different target if I had been playing more carefully.

So considering all that, and maybe to offer a compromise to the original idea, what I would love to see would be dual specs for heroes. In a nutshell, you would have a PVE build and a PVP build for each hero. Doing map levels, quests/events or titans? You pick from your heroes with their PVE builds. Doing raids, tournaments, or wars? You pick from your heroes with their PVP builds. Each emblem you receive could be used once towards a PVE build on any hero and once on a PVP build (again, on any hero).

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Of course you should, he’s great.

This would only disable emblems during tournaments. Dueing normal raids, quests, events and titans the still over huge advantage.

This could also be just another modification for some tournaments like the colour restrictions.


Yeah, I understand the concept. I’m say that on that exact point, enough has been done to "level the playing field.

Why should someone who has played for years have their advantage taken away? Simply deploying a tournament for 1-3* heros allows all to compete. Zero need to remove long time players EARNED advantage.

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I like the idea of not allowing emblems in some of the raid tournaments. Being able to use heroes who have no emblems against heroes that also have none would be fun. I think of it as a nostalgic variation that could be added to the tournament special rules rotation. I love the op’s suggestion.

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Would the heros with emblems be able to still use? but the system registers them as just maxed? As quite a few people just give one to a lot of 3* and to 4* so they might be at even worse advantage and decide not to bother to compete?