Nuggets have gone missing

I have the mats…

Just can’t pull the trigger lol

:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:. I hope you do too!

Awwwww :hugs:

Apologies to the OP… Way off topic. :dizzy_face:

Nuggets you say? :thinking:

I’d give you some if I could :sweat:.


I’ve got 286 nuggets. I love tornadoes too, but it’s the crude iron that I’m ALWAYS short of.


Nuggets are in short supply and so is crude iron but I must also say something that is really in short supply… Titan heads. What’s a girl gotta do to get some so I can make some Scrolls LMAO


“Abuse in moderation” would be my advice for the first two, the last one is problematic.

:grinning: :wink:


knocks out @sft1965 and “borrows” nuggets and crude iron for @Mistress_of_Shadows and I. :innocent:


My hero… @SamMe :beer:& :popcorn: unlimited for u. :kiss:

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Mileage never varies as regards 14* titans.

Correct, in terms of ascension mats rolls. :wink:

Did you find more nuggets?

I found the rolaids. Still looking for the nuggets, heads, and iron…

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Picked up a couple s3 10 10

Here’s some suggestions on stages where people in my alliance and I are farming for nuggets:

S1: 5-8, 8-7

AR S2: Episode 18 (6-10)

I think the drop rate is extremely low on nuggets and hard to farm.

Hope you have success on finding more :slightly_smiling_face:

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