Nu mai băgați bani nu mi se pare normal sa faci peste 40 extrageri

Nu mai băgați bani nu mi se pare normal sa faci peste 40 extrageri si sa primesti doar mizeri ati decăzut rău


No more money I don’t think it is normal to make more than 40 extractions and to receive only miseries you have fallen ill

I assume you have an issue with summons outcomes?

Nu e posibil ca sa bagi bani si sa faci extrageri eroi de 3* de două luni am cumparat ofertele si primesc eroi de 3*

Hi @Adrian1975

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Va multumesc de raspuns dar nu vb Engleza

Limba oficială a forumului este engleza. Vă rugăm să utilizați o aplicație de traducere sau post în secțiunea de limbi străine :+1:

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Hi i would like to know how it is possible to put money in the game and receive 3* heroes for almost 3 years this game and i like it very much. I hope my comment will not delete the account. Thank you good day

The rates of Summons varies depending on where you Summon from:

For example:

This is the standard Season 1 Summons. See how a 5* (Legendary Hero) only has a 1.5% chance to be summoned? That means you have a 98.5% chance of not summoning a 5*.

Often, players will use the TC20 (Training Camp, Lvl 20) to try and summon Season 1 heroes, as players have previously found the rates to summon a 5* to be 5% (and a 4* to be 20%) over time. I have found this to be largely true as I near 200 summons, though I have received slightly better rates on 5* and slightly worse on 4*.

Each Summon gate has its own rates: Be sure to click the “i” in the top left corner to see those rates:


Tc.20 155 only 3* Ulmer, Valen

hello why I only have a suit at Isarnia and I don’t have a hero

13 draws and all 3 *! If you still ask for money, why don’t you take out 3 * heroes, it’s not normal to buy something that gives you a game, I want money back​:grin:

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