Now the problem is emblem reset token. Yeah, I knew it

Same here I have over 30 and I think I’ve reset Scarlett to give to domitia and triton to give lianna emblems other than that they collect dust.

Funny that you mention reset tokens.

I complained about their lack of availability once, saying that the only time I had ever seen one in a loot chest was from finishing a war chest.

Then I was smugly told by some other forum poster who bragged about having several dozen himself that they were easily obtainable by finishing the emblem quests.

I do not have the bestest roster on the E&P planet. Sometimes I can finish all 3 stages of the emblem quests, if I have the right heroes. Otherwise? Nope.

From the ones that I was actually able to finish, I found that yes, sometimes they do include a reset token. But not always.

Figure it must be kind of like “Recruits II” and ETTs in that respect. You never know if they’re in there unless you finish it yourself or ask somebody else who has.

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Search for it here in this forum. I’ve always completed trials for about 14 months, which are very easy for me, actually. If you don’t have the right heroes, you can use some items. If your teams can survive to the final stage, 5 Axes, 5 Bombs, 5 Dragon Attacks can make the final bosses dead easily. And you know what? Suddenly the reset tokens have not been given. It is clear that they stopped giving reset tokens recently. Look at the reply of baga above.


They did give out alot of reset tokens at some point during the trials


I wasn’t denying that. I’ve only completed the ones that I had enough strong heroes in those classes to be able to complete. Otherwise I just did the first 2.

If they don’t even include the possibility of reset tokens anymore, that would almost be a waste of axes and bombs IMO.

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There have been 16 trials till now which gave guaranteed reset tokens. But we haven’t seen any reset tokens since July 22nd.


Go figure. I only ever completed one of those, apparently. LOL

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If we get more emblems there may be no need to reset emblems from some heroes. And it can still be done with gems.


When I first start winning the trials, it more often than not gave a reset token. I had read they were the hardest thing to get in the game and was extra happy to get a good amount of them.

Then nothing. Been months since one was given after a good stretch. Here’s when the new players are at a HUGE disadvantage once again. SGG has the numbers, they know how many join and how often they spend. Yet this new crop of players (which is what this game needs to stay afloat) are put way behind the players who have been here for a long time.

Seems really crappy to me. The long term vision that is overseeing this game is really testing the old players, new players and anyone that can see the direction of E&P.

I’ve drank the Kool-Aid, you keep putting less sugar in the game and my palate will lose a taste for putting money into your pockets

Well, I dont see an issue here. I have had 40ish reset token since emblems have been implemented in the live game, only stripping a few heroes of their emblems. From the start, we knew emblems would be scarce. That taught us to be careful with the heroes we emblems since resetting them without the reset tokens would incur penalty as it would cost gems and a reduced return of emblems. I am appreciative of SG giving off an increased number of emblems and lowering the cost of food and iron to emblem the heroes. I don’t have issues with the scarcity of reset tokens as I am not among those players who just emblem a lot of heroes without planning only to reset them later.


Currently I have 24x Reset Token left in inventory.

Somehow I agree, I’m afraid lack of Reset Token in the future, because of re-arrange Emblems,…
And source Reset Token is only from War Chest (very small chance), Turnament Reward (very small chance). And from deals shop. Period. :thinking:

Trial Quest at least should reward Reset Token with RNG cycle, like ETT.
Trial Quest is around 9-10x each month. So at least reward 2x Reset Emblem a month. So it is like 25% chance reset emblem on each Trial, but minimum 1x Reset Token on each month.

Fact: Reset emblems have decreased recently. It’s not just luck over a small sample size.

Fact: Reset emblems were less rare for higher-level players able to complete Trials than for mid/low-level players. Some say they have dozens, some say they only have a handful (@TGW). I have 19 (I think I recklessly used at least 1, maybe 2, bc I thought 20+ was absurd and had no idea when I’d ever use them.)

Fact: They gifted everyone with a ton of emblems and made emblems much more accessible in general (more in the trials, increased rewards for almost anything, decreased resources to emblem, etc)

What can we conclude from this: At first, I thought this was going to be amazing for mid-levelers to catch up to the big guns with maxed 4700 teams. In the short run, yes. In the long run, the lack of reset emblems will hurt if you don’t plan accordingly.

Moral of the story: be very, very careful with embleming and use your resets very, VERY sparingly. I don’t expect the drop rate of reset emblems to change.

Also, I’ll still take the massive increase loot size of emblems across the board for the decreased reset emblems any day. I’ve managed to not need them at all (I really didn’t need the two I used) - of course I’ll probably need them at least a little now - but gotta pick your battles.


I’ve only used maybe 3 reset emblems… to steal emblems from rarely used heroes and give them to brand new heroes.

Mostly stealing emblems from 4* heroes to give them to 5* heroes, but… full admission… I also used a reset token to steal emblems from Obakan, a 5* hero.

Though I really don’t think anyone would blame me for that. :laughing:


I don’t see my self worrying about reset tokens in the near future. Got 24 stashed now, used about 5 or 6 since they were rolled out and I only use one if a better hero than the emblemed one comes along, which is rare occurrence…

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I haven’t received any in months but have seen them for sale in the goblin balloon. SG/ Zynga gives a little and then wants to profit in another, reduce the cost to emblem a hero and then reduce the chances to gain the reset and sell them

My experience show about 1 reset every 4/6 weeks, i have 13 of them and been playing close to 2 years, factoring the early months where i couldn’t finish the trials , 4/6 weeks apart seems correct. That me not anything scientific .
Have fun.

Ya all very optimistic.
I mean, to reset emblems it means you get a better hero to give them to.

I actually have 25 tokens, and i don’t think i will get other 25 better heroes to use them anytime soon, lol.


Reset emblems clearly says it can be found in weekly raid tournaments and war chests. So for raid tournaments you need to finish in top 1-5% (good luck there to 94% of the players) war chest one roll every 3-4 weeks. This is just crazy. What gets me is that since POV started I finish in the top 1-5% bracket (excluding 5* tournaments) almost every time yet I cannot get a reset emblem. This is very frustrating I was extremely lucky to get Gefjon and now cannot take emblems of neith to get Gefjon in my defense team.


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