Now that Season 3 is released, will Season 1 heroes be obsolete?

In my opinion, S1 heroes are still useful even for those veteran experimented players.
You see top players in events being on top using teams with colen and boldtusk, yes plus new heroes but they are still there.
Another thing to consider is how deep your roster is. I couldnt imagine the magnitude of a roster than doesnt need S1 heroes for war


Wait until you’ll face some of the new heroes in raids. There possibly will be some good, some average and some not that good ones and you’ll be able to beat them with Richard and Elena, too.

It’s a great hype right now, but probably will calm down after a few weeks or months.


Wasn’t this discussed ages ago?

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If the most valuable hero I have is Wu Kong (and that argument can VERY much be made), here is the value of some notable heroes I have, as a percentage of Wu’s value:

  • Mother North: 86%
  • Seshat: 65%
  • Kingston: 50%
  • Gravemaker: 34%

That’s not to say I would trade one of them for another Wu (a second Wu is virtually worthless to me). It’s more that, as Titans are the best loot source, Wu dominates a certain conception of ‘value,’ one based primarily around the acquisition of ascension materials. He helps me so much on titans that it doesn’t matter that he helps me literally not at all in raids. Of course other things matter, like how enjoyable a hero it, I’m just making a point. For comparison, using the same valuation system, here are a few notable Legacy heroes:

  • Costumed Rigard: 61%
  • Kiril: 42%
  • Grimm: 36%
  • Boldtusk: 32%

I realize that OP is probably more concerned about if Legacy heroes can defeat the Season 3 heroes. Obviously I don’t know that yet. But I can say that they fare well against the Season 2 and HOTM heroes I constantly face in my Diamond raids. Here are the win rates for the eight heroes I listed:

  • Kingston: 97.4%
  • Seshat: 96.8%
  • Boldtusk: 96.8%
  • Gravemaker: 96.5%
  • Costumed Rigard: 96.2%
  • Mother North: 95.7%
  • Kiril: 95.3%
  • Grimm: 94.8%

This is over thousands of raids by the way. They are still very much viable and I will be surprised if that group posts dramatically worse win rates against the Season 3 heroes.


Costume bonuses are a lot bigger than most players give them credit for. A raw increase in all stats can really take the S1 heroes to become viable defenders and attackers worth considering.

Although the mana bonus is endgame, that one can take a slow hero to average speed. I don’t think anyone would shrug off Isarnia or Horghall if they had been average speed to begin with, and now that’s possible with the costume bonus.

The other bonuses just give a straight upgrade to raw stats, which is great to have regardless of your troop levels. Particularly Rigard, Boldtusk, and Melendor become pseudo-5* healers, thanks to their costume bonuses combined with emblems.

Even without considering costumes, I still use Scarlett, Grimm, Caedmon, Sabina, and Kiril quite frequently during my war attacks and in some instances during my raids. The support these heroes offer can’t be replaced unless you spend for copies of the more luxurious 5* heroes that do the things they do (and in some instances, they only do a few of those things – there’s no 5* version with Sabina’s skill, no 5* version with Kiril’s skill…)

And of course, there’s S1 5*s that are just really good to begin with – Joon, Lianna, and Magni come to mind. Costume or no costume, these are heroes that should just always get maxed, regardless of how deep your wallet is. What they don’t bring in terms of fancy effects, they make up for with raw power.


Not really joining this argument either for or against but it seems that every time new heroes are released there is a discussion about how Season 1 heroes are obsolete…

In reality tho, unless you’re spending $$$ on portal summons, you’re not going to summon enough heroes to completely replace the bread-and-butter heroes that are from Season 1…

Yes there are shinier & flashier new heroes but “obsolete” implies that there is a newer and MORE READILY AVAILABLE alternative… Which there isn’t…

Additionally, if you’re to make them “obsolete” you have to be able to fully replace them… which you can’t… There are skills in the Original S1 deck which simply are not replicated ANYWHERE in the newer flashier heroes… Examples being:

  • Healers… There are no “new” healers in most of the colours… not full team healers that are readily gettable anyways.
  • Defence debuffers.
  • Attack Buffer
  • Defence Buff
  • Attack debuff
  • Mana Cutting
  • Blinding
  • Tile Buffing for Titan Damage

Thats just a couple functions which are staples in many teams… Not replicated those skills in S3 heroes nor in most of the S2 heroes either…

For reference, this was the “doom of vanilla heroes” which was most recently created…:


Lol curious if we’ll just edit the 3 in the title to 4 in a year or 2


Playing the game with any degree of success depends on strategy… And that means finding the best ways to use what you have.

Fundamentally, fast mana hero’s with relatively simple skills are easy to build into teams that “just work” and these teams are easy to play with too.

The more complicated the special skills get, the more niche the hero’s become… And that means you sometimes need equally niche hero’s to build up successful teams with them - this is only really feasible with an already developed bench to work from, and with careful thought to strategy.
Ultimately, these new hero’s may have potentially more power, but that doesn’t mean they’re necessarily the best choices at all times and in all teams - and it’s good team building that makes for success…

I think as much as anything else, S1 hero’s without costumes are a great base for a 5* roster, a great place to start building from. But ultimately the game does want to slightly favour people who pay otherwise why would anyone do it?


Just as an example of S1 usefulness… I reluctantly maxed a second Lianna since S2 greens eluded me. In the latest tourney, two Lianna in a team is amazing. And without emblems or level 29troops!


I was going to edit the title now…to get ahead of the curve…


It all depends on what you put into and expect out of the game. I am a small-time spender (puny even), and as such S1 heroes will never become obsolete for me because they are the vast bulk of my bench and will continue to be so even into season 4.

I expect even then they will allow me to stay in diamond.


Long in the tooth and with a deeper glut of emblems…
Newer players may have shinier hero’s, but it takes time to catch up on the emblems and that makes a difference.

Certainly helps established C2P players stay established without the latest and shiniest additions.


Lianna looks and laughs.


I run mono. My green team has Evelyn, kingston+18, Lianna no emblems. I always target the hero with higher health with Lianna. She does more damage. She is the best at what she does; kill.


I ran triple Lianna for a long time. She nasty


She got even better with the boosted costume stats. Even without those, she is still great.


Just the one for me (with max costume)… Girly can certainly punch!

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I primarily use her w the upgraded stats but as her base character/costume

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It depends on what you mean by season 1. If hel, Zeline, Ares, Athena are considered season 1, then yes, they are still largely relevant and very good.
The newer legendary have advantage in their stat, with a TP of 785, which is roughly equivalent to a couple of level of emblems. If this power creep continues, soon, classic TC20 non-costumed heroes will begin to feel like a 4*, if it has not already happened.

Season one heroes have been obsolete for a long time which has nothing to do with season three and everything to do with power creep and money.