Now that cups matter, should I ascend Kashhrek?

Current Defense line up : LJ (3/60), Kiril (3/60), Grimm (4/70), Gormek (4/53), Joon (3/50)
Cups : 2000-2200
Shields: 6
green only LJ and Kashrek both at 60.

For me… Nope.
Not only i don’t like him, but you already have Kiril.

Honestly 2 healers is so 90’ :face_with_monocle:

Kashhrek at 4/70 will be a better center. It’s very tanky. Two healers is a strategy worth trying, and will also bolster your Alliance War depth.

BTW, don’t put Grimm as center, use Gormek or Kashhrek. Center needs to have more defense/HP. Grimm is high offense, low defense.


@Elpis I 'm not going to ascend him right away, in fact I’ve been waiting (and save shields) for Caed/Mel but desperate time calls for desperate measure. And I’m pretty desperate to keep my cups with my lowly team. I will watch my cup drop and decide afterwards.

@Kerridoc The reason I put Grimm in the center instead of Gormek because of his killer attack. if the opponent have bad board, he can do quite a damage before he dies. Also I dont think by swapping those two will make huge different, as of now at my cup level I’m mostly facing 70s and 80s. These days, I don’t think anyone at this cup level have problem facing my team unless they have crappy board.:rofl:

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your tank options are Kiril and Kashrek. Kashrek is an amazing tank (one of the best). But he is only good on defense as a tank. He is pretty much useless everywhere else.

So, if you are close to ascending Kiril, then go that route instead and max LJ.


I have only 1 cape, so Kiril out of question, at least for now. Another option is Cyprian (2/46) and 4 tools. Should I go with Cyprian?I think he still will be efficient at 2000 cups?

yes he will be. with your team, either Cyprian or Kashrek should get you to the 2200-2300 cup range.

However, Cyprian has the same problem as Kashrek IMO. Overall Kashrek is a better tank, so if you have a Tiburtus/Merlin/Rigard/Sabina then use your tools there.

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Thank you for your input. I think maybe I will wait for next month event summon and see if I can get better green/purple and just deal with it for now and stick with my current team.

Cyprian or Boril is great against Guardian Kong.

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They are great for Teltoc event as there are a lot of AOE bosses

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@Kerridoc, @Talisax 2 votes for Cyprian. In case I need to make that call.:slightly_smiling_face:

What to cups matter for now? I’ve noticed I’m getting annihilated in raids out of nowhere by people with 500 more cups than me which before wasn’t even possible for me to fight, and on top of it I don’t know what the cups matter for now?

Two reasons, IMO:

  1. Before version 1.10, you wanted to fill your Heroes Wanted chest as quickly as possible, so a sound strategy was to leave some weak defenses up overnight, then bring out your tops heroes to quickly win six raids. With version 1.10, the loot you get from the Heroes Wanted chest depends on your raid tier, which is determined by your trophies. So, people are more aggressively trying to climb their way up the ladder.
  2. The prospect of better loot has motivated people who used not to bother raiding, There’s some good loot in the Platinum and Diamond chests.
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