Now target tellurias real problem

Telluria got balanced, thank you for that.

Now for the real problem:

-The chain of time consuming animations tics, trics and untalented dance numbers before Telluria is done/finished every turn!..

Yes this game is (supposedly) based on luck and if you get a bad board you will fail no matter what… its just if you get a bad board vs a Tellurianoob its elongated, stretched out and such a fwording bu-fu-word!..

Its not only a specialskill startup ritual, its an impact with thorns and s-word, its the spawning of all them minions, its a half-a-second wait for the minions to land, its a waiting for each snd every stinking minions to deliver one punch each… its wait-wait-wait-wait-wait-wait… and if its at the same time a downhill Bu-fu-word with an elongated defeat 2mins later THIS IS THE STUFF that breaks phones and cultivates anger management issues!..

Fix this!!, Fix this!!, Fix this!!, Fix this!!, Fix this!!!

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