...now let's emblem seshat


We have her. We like her now we should upgrade her …

What path would you recommend?

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Advice standar for Ranger:

IMO, Sehsat has unique skill and has big advantage with her minion, and this minion health is depend on % of her HP. So I think good path is HP/Att/Def or HP/Def/Att.
But because she is sniper, choose Att path 1st is also not bad. Both path is great.

For +8 and I would choose mana, HP.


The mana path does literally nothing for her. You need a lvl23 mana troop to get a mana break from the mana path, and it’s still 3 matches of 3 to charge her and it’s still 4 ghost tiles to charge her. The only thing the mana break does is make it so she can charge in a match of 3 and a match of 4, which can happen sometimes but it’s just not a big deal.


Yes, but what happens when Seshat is on your defensive team? Mana’s path becomes interesting since she would be charging her defense special faster … or not?

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I am close to reaching level 80 and I think of giving priority to HP so that his minions can have maximum life and create a very difficult shield to knock down, followed by points of attack and finally the defense, I think it would be really annoying in defense .


Yeah I’d focus on hp and defense. The mana troops give attack boost in game anyways, all the top players are just choosing hp/defense as much as possible.


But seshat has plus four Mana. No?

If I had Mana troops it will be better but I have critical hit troops

IMHO, Seshat is more of an offensive threat, even on defense, so I’d go attack. You want offense on your defense team too.

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Always Mana node.
Even on a Very Fast hero, it all stacks up!

As for other paths, I vote attack :stuck_out_tongue: Pretty well all my heroes who’ve gotten emblems have been attack route… (Yes I’m a believer in Offence is the best Defence)

It still doesn’t do anything it doesn’t change her time to charge. The mana node is great for average speed heroes because it makes a lvl17 troop generate mana like a lvl23 troop, which is a noticeable difference. It makes average heroes charge in 9 tiles instead of 10, so they will charge in 3 matches of 3 instead of 4 matches of 3. Fast heroes already charge in 3 matches of 3, and can not be improved to very fast which will charge in 2 matches of 3. They just can’t be meaningfully improved. If you have a lvl23 mana troop you’d probably put it on an average hero anyways, instead of putting it on a fast hero like seshat who you gave +2% mana gen on her talent tree just so on the occasional chance she will charge in 1 match of 3 and 1 match of 4. It’s just not a significant enough change. She will just usually charge in 3 matches of 3. Mana node is wasted on fast heroes. And that’s assuming you even have a lvl23 troop so that you can even activate the mana break that her +2% on her tree will grant. It does literal nothing until you even have lvl23 mana troop.

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I remember when I suggested this when emblems were introduced and got literally mocked for taking heroes down the defensive path.

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Yes well I chose attack path on Hel twice and now she just looks stupid and she needs a reset emblem :joy::joy:

But when she fires she has four percent. Doesn’t it add up?

Yeah it adds up to still not doing anything.

You can always refer to the following sheet to decide on anything related to mana. A fast hero takes 8 tiles to charge up, functionally it means making 3x 3 matches. If you want to decrease it to 2x 3 matches, that is 6 tiles, you would need a mana boost of 34%. If you give her a level 29 mana troop, she will get 15%, and from her class node and spirit link she can get another 2+4 = 6%. So with all that you only get 15+6 = 21% in total. You are still short by 34 - 21 = 13%, hence 6 tiles is never happening no matter what.

But, there are certain heroes who give mana boost like Ariel, Sir Lancelot and Khagan. So if you use them you will get 24% mana boost. So even if you have a level 17 mana troop (with 11% boost) you will reach the desired 34%, without her spirit link and node boost. With spirit link 4%, you can even do it with level 5 mana troop (7% boost). The only scenario where this node can play a role is if you have a level 1 mana troop (5% boost), along with the 24% boost from above heroes and spirit link and mana node (6%), which adds up to 35%.

So long story short, do you really want to waste 125 emblems just for a situation in which you might never end up, or choose a stat boost which is 100% permanent and usable in every fight? Logically, my personal choice would be the defense node. Now, if it were an average mana speed hero, the story would have been totally different. Hope this analysis helps. :slight_smile:


Amazing explantation… Thanx… I don’t want to waste 125 emblems anyway…haha

Do you you think the other path is good enough to spend on?

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It depends, if you use Seshat on your defense team, then she is worth embleming, in that case yes 125 emblems might be worth it, especially if you are playing in a top 500 alliance and you want to increase your defense TP. I personally like more variety and spread out my emblems more, so I have stopped my 5 stars at +7, and am trying to emblem my 4 stars more. An emblemed 4 star +18 is almost as strong as an unemblemed 5 star, without the associated resource cost. I only have a few 5 stars, so it increases my roster depth and makes my war teams more uniformly stronger. So depending on where in the game you are the choice is totally yours. :slight_smile:


It still turns her into a very fast hero… Very fast needs 7 to charge & after her 1st firing so would she…

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