Now it is not possible to get a hero 5 *?

No one guarantees a hero 5 *. But when not a single hero of 5 * falls out for 200 appeals, this is an obvious deception. This is not possible unless specifically configured. Now on some accounts it is not possible to get 5 * heroes? From the colored chests and from the titans in general, objects for rebirth ceased to fall out. My account is listed in some list, which can not get anything good ??? Tell me that I would stop spending money !!!

The chance to pull a 5* on a standard draw is 1.5%. This does not mean if you do 67 pulls you are guaranteed a 5*, but it also means you could do 2 pulls and pull 2 5* heroes. This is just how gambling works


I wrote 200 !!! 200 is not 67 !!! About 100 on fairy tales and about 100 on guardians !!! 0 5 * !!!
This is not possible if you do not add an account to the black list !!! You spend money, but you will not receive anything and when !!!

It is entirely possible. Theoretically you could do 10,000 summons and not get a 5 star.


In theory!!! But it is more likely that the account is listed as 5 * heroes and good loot !!!

At 200 pulls on the Epic gate, the probability of not getting a 5* is 0.34%, so about 1 in 300 people would be expected not to get one.

That means, with 1.5M daily active players, there should be an average of 5,000 who are in this boat.

At 200 pulls from Teltoc, the the probability of not getting a 5* is 0.04%, so about 1 in 2000 people would be expected not to get one.

So that means there are an average of 750 players who we’d expect to be this unlucky in the daily player population.

You certainly got quite unlucky.

I’d encourage you to vote on the Shards proposal if you’re interested in introducing a bit more certainty to pulls:

It’s the proposal I like best. If it’s not to your taste, there are other proposals in #ideas-feature-requests.


I did a 10 pull only and got Guardian Panther.

Other account did only 4 summons and got Guardian Owl.

Before this I went plenty pulls on other events for no rewards. Either its your lucky day or not …


0 from fairy tales and 0 from guardians !!! This is not possible without setting that the fallout would be 0% !!!

It’s a game of luck, chance and patience. You know the chances of a good pull before you spend your gems. It’s like buying a lottery ticket or betting on a horse. You have to be in it to win it. If you don’t want to spend money build your TC to level 20 and go for 5* heroes that way. I have been playing the game for three months now and got 2 x HOTM and 5 x 5* pulls. So don’t give up, keep playing

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Unfortunately, it is very possible. Please see my post above for the probabilities.

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It is very possible, as was pointed out with math… Averages are not guarantees.


Last Atlantis I did 60 pulls and got 2 hels, tarlak, alberich, and a few other 5 stars. This time, I did 100 pulls and didn’t get a single Guardian Panther. It’s all chance…

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Why did garbage fall out of colored chests ??? The same is not luck or sabotage !!!

I see rare chest like that one many times, sadly too many

I speak about it !!! There are accounts where they very much cut loot, capture 5 * heroes and the field in mono color !!! I have such an account and want to remove me from this list !!!

I guess its all pure luck. I spent 175 gems to finished the last stage of legendary Teltoc with a bunch of 4 * and got the epic token. Pull Hu Tao and Anzogh with it while 15 pulls with gems at the Teltoc summon return mostly dupes and feeders!

There is no “unlucky list”, this is just RNG, I have crap chest but I also pull MN with 0,6% chance in single pull. And I got many ETT and 3* AM from monster chest in last month.
Random is random

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I’m not sure you understand the difference between “not possible,” “bad luck,” and “low odds.”

It was explained to you above. It’s entirely possible and will happen to others as well. Choosing not to believe it is willful ignorance.


What people don’t seem to understand is that the chances don’t improve, no matter how many pulls you make. If one pull has a 1,5% chance to get a 5*, all other pulls will have the same 1,5% chance, no matter how many pulls you make…so, you have to be damn lucky to get the 5* hero you aim for out of 100 pulls… most people don’t… I’m f2p, but in the last 8 month I’m sure I did well over 100 pulls… no 5* for me so far (from summons).

The probability of getting a 5* on the 100th pull is 1.5%. Certainly the probability to pull a 5* in 100 pulls is not 1.5% don’t joke like that.

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