Now it is not possible to get a hero 5 *? Again?

Here I complained that they do not give heroes 5 * and that this is possible only if manually blacklisting

Another proof of their fraud: 140 appeals of heroes and 1 hero of the month and that’s it !!! 1 out of 140 !!! In total for 3 events 450-500 calls of heroes and 1 hero of the month !!! What is this if not a scam ??? I will complain to google that they would throw this game out of google store until they explain how their interest works !!! It is clear that there are not many chances, but if there are enough complaints, then it is possible. I’m sure not the only one. What arrogant !!! They twisted my percentage of getting 5 * to zero and they say: we consider our system to be fair !!! What??? Fair ??? 500 heroes calls and 1 hero of the month !!!


Ouch… that hurts

Its really unlucky but that how % works, someone can get HoTM/5* in every 10x summon and someone need 100+ summons for 1 of them.
At least you have many Merlins now.


Yes, this is perfectly normal. 20 Characters.

You got a lot of Merlins there, although for a lot of gems. :stuck_out_tongue:

You are not using the words “possible” and “proof” correclty.

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How is it possible? I’ll tell you how it’s possible.

I do 100 summons and get 0. My girlfriend and other members of my alliance do a few summons and each get 1. “Technically” X% of summons resulted in that hero. Nowhere is it stated that each person will have equal odds. Same as a casino or a lottery. I can walk in and lose $10,000 and win nothing, someone else can go in with $5 and win $10,000. That is how it works!

Is it “fair”? No! It’s not fair. It’s a random drawing. There is never any guarantee to any one person. If they have 100 prizes to give out and 100,000 people draw for the prize, 1 of them could get all 100 and 99,999 people could get nothing. That’s RNG, my friend. You just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time and pulled most of the bad numbers. I am in the same boat. The lesson I’ve learned is, I have bad luck, therefore I shouldn’t keep throwing my money away. If your luck is as bad as mine, and it seems like it might be, you should probably just go F2P (free to play) for a while. You can still enjoy the game without having all the best heroes (I have none of the best heroes, but I’m still able to get good titan scores and kill opposing war teams). :wink:


I’ve seen the % and now its 1% for a legendary event hero.
I remember a higher percentage, wasnt like 1,3 or 1,5%? Not that that makes any difference lol, but every event, seasonal or monthly, I see these rates coming down very closely to those 0,3% in Atlantis for the non highlighted legendaries.

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It is said !!! Support:

I can fully assure you that there is nothing on your account that would be stopping you from receiving 5* Heroes. All Players have equal chances for summoning!

I understand that who protects smallgiantgames most likely works there, but it’s not necessary to carry nonsense

Yes, everyone has the same odds or percentages of pulling things. However, percentages are not guarantees. Just because you have a 1% chance to summon a HOTM, doesn’t mean you are guaranteed to get it 1% of the time. It’s an overall average, not a per-user average. While however unlikely, it’s possible for you to do 10,000 summons and not get one, or 100,000. It’s a chance, not a certainty.


Apologies, I used the wrong word.

Yes, all players have equal odds. What I meant to say is that each person will not have equal results.

If two people each roll a dice, each person has equal odds of getting a 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6. But one person might roll a 1 and the other might roll a 6.

Also I can assure you that I do not work for SG and they have not compensated me in any way.

EDIT: I have been playing this game for 8 months and have purchased a 1 year VIP package ($50), 1 “red” pack (which included some gems, mats, epic summon tokens, etc.) for $20, one Valentine’s Day pack (gems for me and a few for my alliance mates) for I think $3-$5? I might have also purchased a $1.99 gem pack or two. I used my own money for these. I have never gotten anything for free. I play at least once a day and regularly kill titans and fill wanted chests and have exactly two 5* heroes and fifteen 4* heroes. I have ZERO HOTMs, ZERO seasonal 5* heroes, ZERO Atlantis 5* heroes. I have given SG $75-$80 USD and they have never given me ANYTHING for free, aside from the same stuff that every other player gets for free.


Once again: 3 different months, 3 different events and not a single hero of the event 5 * and not a single hero 5 *. More than 400 calls of heroes. What is the probability that I’m so unlucky ??? In terms of probability theory, this is not possible. I’m sure I got the chance of dropping to 0 and they tell me that they consider their system to be fair !!!

It most certainly is possible, especially since it happened… Again, the percentage chances of certain draws are overall percentages, not individual. YOU are not guaranteed anything except a chance.

A member of my alliance got 2x HOTM from a single 10-pull. Another one got Guin and Leonidas in different 10-pulls. I personally got 3x classic 4*, 3x event 4*, and 15 3* in a total of 21 pulls.

Or, more likely, because of my complaints, they twisted my chance to zero and laugh: let this little fool spend money, but never again when he gets a hero 5 *

Twenty merges with the first time this was posted?

If you’re looking for someone to be upset with, I know just the person, though I don’t know that he’ll listen to you…

I’ll tag him here: @nebikoff

Good luck! Or, at least, better luck!


I doubt complaining has anything to do with it. I had bad RNG long before I even signed up for the forum. :grin:

Of course now I’ve probably irritated the mods so they’re going to personally see to it that I never ever get a 5* hero again! Which quite frankly is just fine by me because I’ll never get enough ascension mats to max them out anyway. :rofl:

You think it’s MORE likely that SGG targeted you specifically rather than you had a string of bad luck with summons?


It’s the only explanation…

This thing goes all the way to the top…

I don’t know what is more sad, his pulls or the fact he believes he is being singled out and is still dumping money into it.

I understand what you’re going through, but with your bench size, you have a lot… and I mean A LOT of heroes to work on. Why the fuss?

Back in February I dropped some cash to hopefully get Alice… never got her, nor any of the Wonderland heroes.

Yeah, I was sad. But y’know what? I got other heroes, and I worked on them, and I built my roster up.

You’ll have more fun with the game that way, if you focus on what you have, rather on what may have been.

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