Now is the time to end war buffs

I see many complaining, but almost equally defending. I think it comes down to something very simple.

It’s all in the matchmaking. The top 30 heroes of each player is taken into account. Now, I may be making an ■■■ of myself for the following statement, but…if you’re dropping more money than you should for heroes, you’ll be stuck with a bunch of 4* & 5*s, with no means to ascend them. Got it yet? A roster full of unascended heroes will affect your matchmaking. Its quite simple. Pace yourselves with how you ascend. Spend gems trying to pull a hero only if you have the mats, or the gems to purchase the mats. Keep your roster to a minimum.

I’ll assume that if someone is complaining about field buffs, they got a roster full of unascended heroes.