Now is the time to end war buffs

Each of the buffs changes the needed strategy for optimal team usage. That requires me to react and adjust, and I like that.

If anything, I’d like more variations and limitations on wars.

  • 3 or 4* only wars
  • limited TP wars
  • raid tourney things like ‘bloody battle’ and ‘fast attack’

Alternate war buffs:

  • Mana Bloom - when triggered, each defending hero gets a small amount of mana.
  • Shield Drain - a Defense down debuff on attackers
  • Enchanted Night - Effects last one turn, mana gain accelerated for all

Sorry to tell you the truth, but it was SGs plan to make war difficult and force people to level 30+ heroes if they want to do well. Despite what the originator of this thread thinks about the original intent of the field aids, the true purpose was to make defense stronger and force people to level more heroes (so they would spend more $ or time). SG already knew that people win at raids at high percentage with just a few heroes. So they did this.
SG wants you to struggle enough that you want to level more heroes (ideally buy more heroes), but not so much that you would quit.


Whatever floats your boat

Hopefully you can improve in wars where the aids aren’t such an issue for you

Best of luck, sounds like you’ll need it

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If you want to fire shots, you need to be more clever than that

If the ones you’re taking shots at were seldom right, they wouldn’t be heard as well as they are

I’d suggest doing some reading and finding much better ammunition than an overused 1 liner


If you’re not opting out of aid or you like aid then i could ask you the same lol

Which is it?

You want the war aids gone? Or you want them to stay?

Make up your mind.

Personally i don’t think we’ll ever meet in a war or in the same team, and i haven’t read anything you wrote that is any kind of substantial help to anyone therefore you’re right. My responses to you were a complete waste of time and i should focus on responding to those who are worth talking to.

:rofl: I think you might find “the regulars” have read a lot of the same things, in different threads and under different titles. If someone doesn’t agree with someone else, their opinion is therefore not by default negative :confounded:.

To quote @Rook The misconception—because I only see my attack on the enemy, not their attack on me—is that something unfair is going on, and it’s not. Both sides get the special equally, every time, and always have.

The only fun thing about war for me is the comradearie with alliance mates. We cheer when we do a one shot kill (OSK) and we empathise when we fail miserably. If you’re not in an alliance like that, it might be time to find a new one. There are many. SG can’t take responsibility for that, surely :thinking:?

Besides, If you don’t like war opt out.

Edit :Sorry @Checker I was initially replying to your opinion on what SG wants, then went in a more helpful tangent… I think :thinking:.


I see many complaining, but almost equally defending. I think it comes down to something very simple.

It’s all in the matchmaking. The top 30 heroes of each player is taken into account. Now, I may be making an ■■■ of myself for the following statement, but…if you’re dropping more money than you should for heroes, you’ll be stuck with a bunch of 4* & 5*s, with no means to ascend them. Got it yet? A roster full of unascended heroes will affect your matchmaking. Its quite simple. Pace yourselves with how you ascend. Spend gems trying to pull a hero only if you have the mats, or the gems to purchase the mats. Keep your roster to a minimum.

I’ll assume that if someone is complaining about field buffs, they got a roster full of unascended heroes.

Actually, the Leader can already opt the alliance out of war at any time.

A couple points, just because I don’t want to take advantage of an option, doesn’t mean I don’t think it has no value to other players. Offering for an option for people to opt out has no impact on either of us, but might make the game more enjoyable for others, so I’m in favor of it.

We likely have raided against each other and will again. I have two accounts with 35 leveled 5 stars and typically win about 5 of my war battles on each account regardless of the field aid. It’s really not a huge issue for me. Last war with the arrows I went 11-1. So the personal attack that I’m weak, I don’t know what I’m doing and we’ll never face each other has no basis in reality other than you run out of arguments and have decided to try to make yourself look better at my expense. Not going to work with me. Go try to bully somebody else. The only reason I’ve decided not to join a top 100 alliance is a see posts like yours and from other regulars touting their vast superiority and figure I’d rather not associate with people like that.

Right, this is about opting out of war though is it? If you read my original post, it was just a suggesting that alliances could opt of the war aid as well. The fact that this comes up regularly means there are likely significant number of people that would like that. I get not everyone does, that’s why I thought a choice would be a good idea.

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Personally I’m usually for more choices being available.

The only concern I would have is in regards to feasibility…

Maybe a good alternative to this suggestion might be to include a “No War Buff” option to the rotation?

So keep the others & just dilute them down a bit?

Would be quite quick & easy to introduce into the main game & wouldn’t put additional load on servers etc… during matchmaking?


I’m really curious why field aid is what bothers people the most. It’s arrows that make me rage. Those things do like 300 damage the first time they fire. It basically makes all your heroes weak enough to die to a sniper lol
Field aid barely does anything. If you charge your specials, you should win regardless of the little uptick of hp. I guess that’s not quite on topic but I’ve never understood why it’s field aid people hate the most.


I, too, see an issue with allowing some alliances to opt out of the buff while others opt in. It’s not a ‘We want it easier/harder’ argument, but purely about matchmaking. I don’t see SG making it harder on their servers.

I am a proponent of changing war options up, though. Somewhere in this forum - too lazy to look - I once suggested the following. A ‘No Buff’ war could be in the mix.

  • Add more war types. It’s getting monotonous with the same 3 war types and some of the raid tourney types look very fun if applied to wars :laughing:

  • If more types are added, change the rotation to 1 war of each type instead of 2. This would keep changing the strategy and help keep it interesting. Plus, those that hate a particular type of war would only have to endure 1 round and then get a different type.

There’s definitely some issues with having only 1 round of a war type due to time zones. I understand why there’s 2 of each type. This gives both sides of the world decent start and end times. This could be managed by having an uneven amount of war types. The next time a specific war type came around, it would fall in the opposite start time. There’s probably a better option, but thats my initial thought :smirk:

But this thread is about getting rid of war buffs and not how to make them more enjoyable, so I’ll stop there…

According to who? You? Are you the authority on the average player now?

Yet I always see more people here defending war buffs than deriding them.

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And higher chances of better rewards if opted into war buffs


The only reason people don’t like Field Aid is because they only see first hand when it saves the enemy. We never get to see any and all the times it saved our defences.

It’s an equitable wash most of the time.


You just making stuff up for the reason we have War buffs lol. I do like how you disguise your empathy for them and mask it as a concern for the “overall game”. Dude deal with it. As your teams improve you’ll find them a minor nuisance

I for one do NOT hate war buffs. In fact, I think of them as a necessary measure to differentiate war from regular raids. Though there are times I feel that the enemy increasing their health or attack or raining arrows on your attacking team may be a bit of a nuisance, but I find them part of the game to remove the boredom of regular raiding. And I am pretty sure the enemy is also feeling that well, too. Seeing how the enemy on the war history logs failed to one-shot your war defense gives me the satisfaction of my war defense with the help of war buffs.

DO NOT REMOVE THE WAR DEFENSE BUFFS. INCLUDE OTHER BUFFS TO INCREASE VARIETY (poison, blind, minion summoning, reduce mana generation, bloody war, fast mana, etc. - i think it’s interesting).


I completely agree. It’s not fair that my alliance has to battle against them and theirs doesn’t!! Oh wait…


Yeah, and why are we 90% of alliances matched against tougher opponents as well?