Now I'm confused with Aegir

Many Aegir spoke a bad hero, but today in the 7dd classification appears to be a hero A.

Now I lost Aegir is worth it or not?

And where’s your best acting, Tank and ATK?

Which Aegir heroes combine for attacks and defense


Boril, aegir, kiril in the center?

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my advice: dont be a rank slave, and dont max any hero you’re not 100%sure is worth it. he wouldnt be my first maxed 5* blue.

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He has his place, although I’m not sure why they ranked him A. His def/hp make him tanky, but a debuff nulls his special, which is only good for 3 turns even when not debuffed.

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It probably needs some tweaking but a tank ability that siphons health from allies is better then sharing health when it’s only 3 allies.

In other words instead of the health sharing being a detriment.

Allow aegir to siphon health from flanking allies after damage recieved. You lose the “protection” for flanking allies. However aegir becomes a much stronger tank without being overpowered. In fact he could revert back to pre nerf beta since he won’t be broken when paired next to guin since he doesn’t protect guin or any flanks.

This means aegir will eat up his flanks but be extremely durable and since his defense is very high targeting aegir becomes a less optimized way of taking down the line up. However once aegir flanks are gone he is a lot easier to take down.


@Anchor @Xero786 this is the grading system you guys put together. I have no answers here. Mind providing insight to this question?

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Aegir for all intents and purposes is a great overall hero and a great tank. Our issue with him is that we immediately compare him to Guin, against whom of course he will fail. For people who remember the pre Guin days, Ares used to be the premier tank at that point, And Aegir is much tankier then Ares while they both share the same weakness.

Basically, take Guin out of the picture (who is a broken A+ tank), and compare Aegir to all other tanks in the game. Aegir is easily top 3, if not the best.

Now look at all other tanks (incuding Guin). How many would you say are very good on titans? Offensive raiding? Gravemaker is a great all around raiding hero, but he isnt as amazing on titans. Aegir on the other hand is great on all 3 facets. Only Ares can compare on that front.

As far as the tool is concerned, its meant to be a comparison tool to help guide you on who to level and max with your choices. The As on the list are Athena, Magni, Arthur, Alasie and Aegir. If you are deciding between them, then look to the more broken up grading to see where you need the most help and max accordingly. And i think its fair to say that Aegir is better then all the other blue 5*s listed there (Isarnia is the only one left who one can argue for).


Thanks for the clarifications, very good job, although many are dissatisfied, I believe that everything is based around GUIN. Aegir works best with a team all mono allied blue? This is my doubt

on defense? No. On offense or titans? He works best with 2 other blues.

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In defense. Aegir Tank and flankys Blues?

no, you can (and should) use other colors besides blues on defense.

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Okay, on the attack and Tita should use the 2 blues

@Xero786 - Thanks Zero for the clarifications, I hope it helps many with your answers :slightly_smiling_face:

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An Aegir tank with double Gravemaker flank could be particularly nasty

Saying that Gravemaker is bad on titans makes me smile a little, as the elemental link provide a huge boost (tiles better then having Elena) and his stats allows him to survive more then her.

It is true that we all compare new tanks to Guinevre, and all compared to her tend to be less appealing.

He can work pretty fine both on defence and attack, and makes the day for all C2P and F2P out there.

Only P2W players probably are not so interested in him.


I’m genuinely interested then in heros that where not initiall designs for main tanking but out preform tanks designed for thier roles?

For example Aegir has no doubt he was intended to main tank. His abilities are designed so you in reguards that the abilities are to sponge as much damage. He has no offensive abilities.
Compared to gravemaker. Who has powerful offense and very fast casting l, no support or defense abilities (other than elemental link which all modern hotm have) yet he out preform the tanking role when clearly created for a more DPS roll?

Would this not be the same I’m balance that would be mechanically damaging as giving Aegir a potential offensive ability? Not that I am suggesting such a thing just putting it in perspective.

Shouldn’t heroes be “relatively tuned” or graded based on the performance rather than the role people use them in? I know there will always be exceptions wether Guinevere or another hero(s) but the way Aegir is graded vs performance will be setting presidence for any following heroes.

We have old school tanks and new school tanks.

Old school tanks are those that soak up damage for the rest like a battleship. E.g. any of the heavy tank stats hero

New school tanks are those that destroy enemies before they deliver damage like a destroyer. E.g. Gravemaker/Marjana

At least you’re able to admit Guin is a broken hero. I disagree with the ranking of Aegir and would gladly fight him over an Ares or Hel. But I don’t see any other tanks as an A with her around in her current state. The fact she is the sole reason Boss Wolf and Aegir and likely future tanks can’t get released as great tanks should have been a red flag for SG. You guys in beta need to talk to them.

I don’t think Aegir flanked by 2 Gravemakers would be too imposing. I’d just bring triple blue, one being Sonya, one being an armor debuffer, and a couple healers.

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I mentioned many times that she is breakable but she is boring to look at. When Ares was the best, every single top team has him as tank. There will always be a tank that is considered broken at any point in time. If they nerfed Guin, I am gonna bet another tank will be the next “broken” tank. I personally don’t have Guin. If I support the nerf to maybe slow mana would be because it is boring to look at in 50-60% of the teams in diamond. Other than that, nothing against her. She is awesome and she has the highest % to eliminate any raiders with a bad board.

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7dd classification is for newbies.
Aegir is useless hero to acsend unless u play for fun and lack of 5* blues.