Novice who needs help!

Hey all!
Now I was wondering if you could help me a little or a lot.
I like the game but I’m inexperienced as to which heroes to update, colors and heroes, so which of my heroes are good against titans, depending on what color titans have.
But also which of my heroes is best to have as an attack or defending team.
Sometimes I’m plundered by weaker teams and the same in war.
Now I do not know if you can help me but see you helping with some similar things.
Thanks for any help…

I’d defend against raids and wars with (left to right): Sonya, Melendor, Kiril, Drake, Tiburtus.

On offense you’ve got great cast to do some serious damage to people depending on their confoguration.

I’d recommend having Wu as a mandatory and Kiril or Boldtusk depending on the colour strength of the other team/titan. Same goes for Grimm or Tiburtus for the defense down. After that play around with what you’ve got.


Nice looking set of heros you have there.

For titans you want to be using :
Kiril or boldtusk for their attack increase
Tibertus / Grimm for their enemy defense decrease
Wu Kong always
Guardian jackal/falcon for their colour specific defense decrease on a relevant colour titan
And then fill with the strongest attack of the right colour against your titan

You must be in an alliance- but maybe there’s a better one for you to help with this sort of questions

(Shameless plug for guardians reborn, guardians ascending, guardians academy follows …)


@Annieb suggestion to be in an alliance is rolled gold good advice.

I won’t have time to look closely at ur roster until tomorrow. Responding so this thread stays high in the feed

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Hi Annieb!
Yes, I belong to an alliance, but wanted to see if I get more tips especially by you who are here in forums!

Hello Snowdoggy
I was thinking about what others think about my heroes!
You can always get more ideas about their teams!
So I’ll test your proposal with a war team, this is one of my weak sides, which heroes, what colors and where to put them!

Hi FishDreams!
It’s okay to look at my heroes later!
This is a problem just that you have multiple heroes to choose from, when you are bad at strategy, I thought to see how or what you think, especially when it comes to a team in war, against robberies or when you fight the maps!
Sometimes I notice that the weaker teams hit my heroes, I notice how different it depends on which gems or combo you get.
Apparently, start from left to right, though I’m not sure why!
So all the tips and advice I get may help me to get better!

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The AI fires your specials left to right when you are defending . So you should consider that when ordering your defense team.

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Yes, the AI (computer) fires left to right, so put your healers and debuffers on the left and Wu as far right as you can. :slight_smile:


Hey @Gandalf1. I am sorry that it’s taken so long to get back to you on this.

I hope my answer is not too complicated, let’s see how we go.

I have a few observations before we get to the specific question that you ask about which heroes to set for defence and offense etc.

  1. Don’t spend any more money on Summons in the short term. You have way more heroes than you’ll ever be able to utilise for a long, long time. And you have excellent heroes! There is no need for more at this point.
  2. You have jumped over a step that I highly recommend, which is to level a solid base of 3* heroes in every colour. This helps with events, but also allows you to learn how to assemble your teams and strategise in raids etc. But you have so many 4* heroes, that I fear you won’t want to do that
  3. This is my number one piece of advice - concentrate on some very specific heroes to level! At the moment, you have partially levelled a lot of heroes. You will be better off if you narrow it down to around 10 heroes to work on

So, that being said, I think the following heroes are a good start for a defence team:
Kiril (or Sonya) / Caedmon / Boldtusk / Li Xiu / Tibertus

I prefer two healers (therefore Kiril), but you can’t have too many fast hitters (therefore Sonya) - it depends on your playing style. Don’t use Wu Kong in defence if you have an alternative choice, that’s why I am suggesting Li Xiu over Wu Tao.

By concentrating on getting these heroes to maximum, you not only have a decent base for defence, you have the beginnings of a versatile core of heroes for offense and titans.

In addition to these 5/6 defence heroes, there are some heroes that you must level as a priority - Wu Kong (king of Titans), Hansel, Grimm, Melendor. I would personally add Boril and Cyprian to that, but others will argue against them. They are wrong. Lol. The counterattack ability will allow you to complete events and difficult map levels. I don’t know anything about Guardian Jackal, but I would level him if I had him.

You have Colen pretty much levelled. I like him for offence as well. Others will argue against, but I think he is a strong part of your roster.

You’ll notice that I Haven’t mentioned your 5* heroes. They are amazing, but you seriously do not need them yet. Your 4* heroes will give you better service for a long, long time. Both Perseus and Drake Fong are incredible heroes and you will get good service from them as you play at higher levels. But they are not ‘must level’ at this point in your game.

I’m sorry this is such a long response. You have an incredible line up of heroes, so there is no easy way to respond to your question.

I will keep responding to this thread. I would LOVE more experienced players to jump in with their thoughts because you need to hear a diversity of opinions.

If I can leave you with one thought: concentrate on levelling just a few heroes, rather than all of them


I can only highly agree with the advice @FishDreams has given here. :+1:


You said what I was thinking. :+1:


Hi FishDreams!
Thanks for your nice answer, how long it took has no problem, on the contrary, your answer will help me very well!
Actually, you should have got this information when I started with the game.

Yes, first I worked with my 3 * heroes, then with 4 * heroes, after challenge / adventure, then I realized that I must have at least one layer of 3 * heroes of each color, so 3 st 3 * heroes are on 3/50, working on the others!

As you can see, I have a lot of 4 * heroes, more than I should have, but I’m a little shy, so I do not want to lose anyone if I remove it and then need it later.
In the beginning and in alliances, it is said that one should only use the same color the corresponding hero is in color, so it became 2 st 1 * hero red, against red 3 * or 4 * heroes, but then it will be slow to build up the heroes in this way.
I made several mistakes, but often because I “thought” that I would love one or another.
Now I’m driving harder to my heroes so they get faster.

While you had a lot of other things to do, I have three new heroes that I received from the halloween and atlantis portal.

  1. Do I think of purple Ameonna, she’s a ghost, but what does she do for something?
  2. Red Natalya?
  3. Blue Triton?
  4. Blue Valeria?
    What do you think of these heroes?
    Should you get them up or wait until other heroes are maxed!

Several in my alliance are just discussing this with wukong, is he good or bad?
Same thing with “Mok_arr”. When looking at hero grading, he is a C hero, is he bad, good or what?

The ones you chose were not in my mind before and that’s why I was going to ask you about my heroes, you also see what level they are in!

Many in my alliance think that similar thoughts that you write are good, many chase 5 * heroes and someone notices that they have 5 * heroes so can make 3 * and 4 * heroes kill them right away!

So you may want to come up with more tips and advice, it makes it easier for us who are not as good!

Just so you understand that I use Google’s translation from Sweden to English!

Screenshot_20181029-183608 Screenshot_20181029-183618

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Dear friend, I would really recommend you to go and have a look over this thread.
It will let you know which hero is good for what use.

After reading this very will you will be able to chose wisely by your own.

You may also would like to visit thia website
For more information about the heroes and what to fit in which poaition in your teams.
Have a great day.

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I think one rule of thumb FIRST:

Never throw away any 5*, rarely a 4*, and learn the game before you toss a 3*. 2* will become food as soon as you have a maxed 3* or higher team.


Hi Amrolwan!
I understand that you think Anchor’s Complete Guide to Hero Grades and Enphero is great and as I would look at and then I know how to handle my heroes!
Or it may be that it did not help me with the 2 links, to understand about my heroes.
As I wrote, I’m novis, so I do not understand all the information, especially that does not help me what heroes I’m going to use (though I see how good my hero is) or what colors are good together and so on.
The answer from FishDreams is much easier to understand than seeing a spreadsheet with mass heroes.
Also saw that FishDreams put up my heroes, so heroes I have not thought of at all, Kiril, Sonya, Tiburtus and Colen, but just those of these / Caedmon / Boldtusk / Li Xiu I have not thought the same way.
I noticed this both here in forums and in alliances is that I and friends do not understand these links.
With FishDreams I can see it in an easier way, even Razor gives me good information and that’s such an information I and others need!
Many ask me about things. who had not found the guide so I put up a link in the chat, then questions asked what it meant and about the heroes, when I found enphero and put that link up I get a lot of questions I can not answer, so I put up here in forum things I do not understand, therefore I ask questions to talented people who want to help with “stupid questions”!
Can very well understand that savvy people think that there are stupid questions when there are good links to use.

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Hello Rook!
Yes, I found things just when I started playing, locking those heroes to keep them else, they will suddenly be just fish food!
We are apparently many who have “accidentally” fed away a hero that one would have left!
That’s why I have so many heroes, not to waste a hero that you need, such as a BANE well raised, just the disappearance.
These are the things that novices should have understood, but even good players did not know about locking heroes!
Why I opened this thread was with an opportunity so we can get tips and advice, instead of 30 writing yourself, it’s enough for someone who leaves the information!

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Here is a thread that may help with the immediate question

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I read your text, the problem is that I do not understand the whole text, but now that I have it, I’ll go through the text and try to understand.
With 3 cerebral hemorrhages or strokes, it may make it som problem, but I have come quite far anyway in the game, sometimes I feel like an elephant in a porcelain shop!

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If you have questions, feel free to ask, and I will try to explain better.

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